Best brands for 63-inch to 75-inch TVs

Looking for a large TV to get that cinematic feel? 63-inch TVs are the best option for you. These not only effortlessly fit in apartments and smaller living rooms but also produce high-quality wide-angle display. 63-inch TVs are very expensive as compared to small-screen TVs; therefore, it is integral to buy a TV from a well-trusted brand. Here are some of the best brands to choose from when looking for 63-inch TVs:

  • Sony
    Sony is a well-known name in the industry for manufacturing the best TVs. The 63-inch TVs from Sony come in various formats such as 4K Ultra HD, Full HD, and Smart Full HD TV. 4K Ultra HD is perfect for enjoying a theatre experience in the comfort of your home. Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TVs produce superior display quality, and their 4K Android TVs were recommended by Netflix as the top TVs to look out for in 2016. With the 4K Android TV, you can instantly view TV shows, apps, and broadcasts online with one click. The technologies of 4K X-Reality Pro and the X-tended Dynamic Range provide high levels of realism in the display and make you feel like part of the movie scene.
  • Samsung
    Samsung TVs have been experimenting with various innovations and have, through the years, made their mark in the market. Their 63-inch TVs are slightly cheaper than the those of Sony but deliver the same quality of display and audio output. Their 4k UHD TV range is one of the best series launched so far. Their UHD-dimming feature optimizes colors, sharpness, and contrast by dividing the screen into blocks. This feature provides a realistic feel. You can also view it from any angle without any problem.
  • Vizio
    Vizio is another name in the market that has been quickly catching up with the big names. The Vizio E-series of 2017 has some of the best large-screen TVs, ranging from 60- to 63-inch TVs to those of 80 inches. It is the most budget-friendly option as compared to Sony and Samsung. You can choose from Full HD TVs to Smart Full HD TVs. The ‘Xtreme Black Engine’ technology adapts suitable brightness for darker images and movie scenes, giving you a proper theatre experience. The 4K Ultra HD TVs in the 63-inch range also produce superior video quality with flawless detail.
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