7 reasons to get the Samsung Galaxy Note10

The Galaxy Note series from Samsung has been well-received and loved by the public ever since it was first introduced. It has been seen in different avatars since its inception and was one of the first phones to lead the way to big screens and a stylus-focused note jotter among others. This successful run in a difficult industry means that tech enthusiasts find themselves anticipating the launch of a new Galaxy Note eagerly. This time around, Samsung brings the Galaxy Note10 to showcase its very best features in one phone. The Note10 packs a punch with amazing features like pro-grade cameras, super fast charge, and cinematic infinity display.

Intrigued to know what all you could get to experience if you own a Samsung Galaxy Note10? The answer is a lot! The smartphone is built to suit the needs of a wide demographic and can be used by anyone. Here are 7 reasons why the Samsung Note10 makes for the perfect upgrade from your current smartphone device:

Impressive display: The Samsung Galaxy Note10 will let you enjoy a visual experience like never before. From editing different types of documents to multitasking on several apps, this phone lets you do it all with so much ease. The 6.3-inch Infinity Display lets you view movies, music videos, and cute animal gifs in brilliant quality. The large screen is essentially great for simultaneously switching between apps or just using the split-screen facility.

S Pen: The Note10 comes with its S Pen that lets your thumbs take a break. While this is no new addition, the current one has been further refined along with the accompanying productivity apps, thereby making for amazing user experience. It includes Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer and you can carry out a plethora of actions with a mere click of this pen. A 6-minute charge is capable of giving up to 10 hours of battery standby time. Activities like taking down notes, doodling, taking pictures, and the automatic conversion of handwriting into texts are smoother than ever.

Desktop experience: The Note10 from Samsung brings you a superior DeX platform. Introduced as a way to extend your smartphone to the desktop, you can use the feature by connecting your device to a monitor via an HDMI multiple adapter or cable. The company has aimed to merge the desktop and mobile experience through this. DeX lets you access all that you would in a desktop environment and thus, it is a good deal for people looking to ditch their laptop devices.

Exceptional camera: The camera setup is incredible and will let you capture every photo and video you want to. The Samsung Note10 from the Note series features three rear-facing cameras. This includes a 2x optical zoom and an ultra-wide, 123-degree lens. No matter you want to capture on record, the Pro-Grade Camera will bring you the perfect quality. From a time-of-flight camera for depth sensing applications to the new Zoom-in Mic feature that reduces external sounds, Samsung has introduced exceptional cameras through the Galaxy Note10.

Great battery: Battery life is a pivotal factor to consider, especially with the constant usage of phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note10 incorporates the Note’s largest battery yet with intelligent power-saving technology. This ensures that you are never short on juice while going about your daily tasks. The Wireless PowerShare feature enables you to charge other Qi-compatible devices by just keeping them on top of your Note10! Thus, no matter whether you are on an adventure trip or are coming out of an intense music-cleanse session, trust the Galaxy Note10 to never drain out on you.

High-grade security: The Samsung Galaxy Note10 lets you rest assured that all your important files are safely protected and secured. It comes with the Samsung Knox that is a defense-grade mobile security platform which works by encrypting all the data by default. It employs a government-certified encryption module so you know that your data will never leak. There is also a separate ultra-secure folder that you can use to completely isolate data that is sensitive.

Powerful speed: The world is moving at a pace that is faster than ever before. The Note10 features a 7nm chip and an 8GB RAM that optimizes its performance over time based on your work patterns. You can also stream, game, and download media super fast thanks to the galaxy Note10’s powerful processor.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 was accompanied by the launch of the Galaxy Note10+.

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