5 popular types of TV stands for you to choose from

From simply providing security to your television to accommodating accessories of the same, the functional requirements of TV stands have evolved over the years. TV stands offer an aesthetic appeal to your living room, giving an ergonomic edge to your entertainment setup. There are many types of TV stands available in the market for you to choose from. Read on to find out about the more popular ones that are listed below:

Corner TV stands
They are suitable for irregularly shaped rooms and can be used to install TVs in a corner spot so that it neatly fits in the space. You can also add a wall mount to a corner TV stand to accommodate a large-sized TV. However, you need to consider the distance of your seating position and the height at which the TV will be placed. Corner TV stands are popular for small living spaces.

Swivel TV stands
These types of TV stands are suitable for rooms that are exposed to constant sunlight or direct sunlight throughout the day. Swivel TV stands have a heavy design and can be adjusted at different viewing angles. You can also adjust the height of the mount by maneuvering the mechanism. Swivel TV stands are made of durable materials such as a high-grade polymer, steel, or a combination of durable alloys.

LCD and Plasma TV stands
These types of TV stands are easy to assemble and are specifically designed to bear the burden of LCD or Plasma TVs. They allow for displaying the TVs in a horizontal and vertical position. These stands also come with extenders to support TVs with larger screen size. They come with adjustable shelves so that you can place other electronic devices and other media. Wider and heavier than traditional stands, these TV stands are designed with a wide base to hold a heavy plasma or LCD TV on the top of the shelf. Wall-mounted TV stands can accommodate TVs of the screen size of up to 60 inches.

TV stand and cabinets combo
Much like LCD and plasma TV stands, these combos allow keeping all your gadgets in one place. Some have glass enclosures, making items such as DVDs, books, and magazines visible, while other TV cabinets might have wooden drawers and doors. Some combos come with closed shelving to keep your entertainment system out of sight. Available in a variety of colors, the cabinet and stand combos have multiple holes to keep the plugs and cables hidden, making the arrangement look organized. These are also referred to as entertainment centers that can be as big as the wall they are placed against.

They are a combination of wall mount and shelves, providing a flat base that rests on the floor. A central spine rises from the back to mount the TV. Cantilevers also contain cabinets and shelves to allow storage of media and other entertainment gadgets. They are stable and do not require drilling into the walls making them easy to relocate.

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