Ways to increase cell phone battery life

When we have a smartphone with us or when we plan to buy a Smartphone, one of the most basic aspects we are all looking for is a long battery life that will last through the day at the minimum. It is indeed a pain to be travelling around with low battery and having to charge it frequently using a charger or a power bank. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t come up with a mobile which even when used to its full potential will still back a long battery life. This could be because of the many reasons like the constant use of the GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and games. All we can do is limit the usage of several applications at the same time and set a time limit on usage. However, limiting these settings can just extend the battery life to some extent. Here are some ways to boost the battery life of your smartphone:

A big screen and a colorful bright display definitely makes for an eye-catching background for the phone screen. However, at the same time, it is the mortal enemy of the battery. The display is said to consume the most of battery life. Most new phones have auto brightness option which automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient illuminance. This mode controls the power to some extent by not running the same brightness throughout the day, but if you’re able to adjust the brightness manually at each ambiance with a medium brightness, then it will definitely help save the battery of the phone.

Maintain screen timeout at a lesser count:
Mnay smartphones, in their general settings, have an option called auto-lock (one can adjust the time here). This feature decides how long the phone screen should be in the awake mode’. So, the lesser the screen timeout is, the better it is for your phone battery.

Hands-free handsets:
Using a bluetooth hands-free headset is the most convenient thing if you are traveling in crowded subway or even driving. However, this also means that your bluetooth is on all the time, resulting in draining of the battery to no end. If not within an hour, the battery of the phone would just drain off.

Switching off data, Wi-Fi and GPS:
Switching off the Wi-Fi connections, GPS and mobile data when you do not need it is one of the easiest and prudent ways to save battery. Also, using Wi-Fi is better than using mobile data, as a general rule.

Users should be aware of the apps that and running in the mobile and make sure that they all don’t integrate with the camera, location, etc. Also, one should be aware that the apps shouldn’t be on auto update, or it will end with all apps downloading data whenever one is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. This will end up draining a lot of battery.

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