The Best Satellite TV and Internet Providers of 2017

All satellite companies that are out there in the market have two types of services. The satellite TV service is the major and most popular one followed by the satellite internet service. If you are confused on which satellite TV service or internet service you must choose, here is a list of the best ones of 2017.

Satellite TV service providers

Dish has been ranked the top satellite TV service providers for 2017. With its cutting edge technology and unlimited programming options, Dish has climbed the ladder leaving behind other service providers. Whether in rural areas or urban families, every household now has shifted to Dish for their HD quality picture and sound at an affordable rate. They even provide free installation and free premium channels for three months.

No matter what your price range is, DIRECTV has packages for all, and that is why it is at number 2 in the list of satellite TV service providers for 2017. Whether its on-demand movies or live sports, DIRECTV can cater to all your wishes. For all the sports lovers out there, the action-packed NFL Sunday-ticket by DIRECTV is a dream come true. The signal is fully reliable and can provide you with every out-of-market game.

Satellite Internet service providers

People in the US enjoys the high-quality service of HughesNet. Any building which has an unobstructed view of southern sky can get it installed, and this proves the rural areas to be benefiting more from HughesNet. One of the major advantages is that the connection does not need any wire or cable, so you don’t need a dedicated phone line. If you are in a remote area and thinking about how you can get a high-speed internet, then HughesNet is what you need. The download speed is up to 25 Mbps which is more than enough for regular work.

Exede provides service even to those areas where a speed of 25 Mbps cannot be provided by cables. There are three types of plans namelyLiberty Promo Plans, Liberty 10 Plans, and Liberty Freedom Plans. The priority data of the Liberty Promo Plans are 12 GB, 25 GB, and 50 GB which are available in separate plans. The priority data of Liberty 10 Plans are 10 GB, 18 GB, and 30 GB which are also available in separate plans. When you have bundled with Exede Voice you can get plans starting from $39/month.

At the third position among the best satellite internet service providers, we have dishNet. For a super-fast and reliable service at an affordable price dishNet is the ultimate choice for every household. With it, you can easily stream your favorite movies and other programs. The internet plan starts from $49 per month. But this is the price for the internet only. An installation fee up to $50 may be required. You will get access to a free installation up to 6 rooms. No matter where you are, dishNet will continue giving you the same speed and quality in every corner.

These are the companies that top the list in 2017 and this should certainly help you to choose the one for yourself.

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