Picking the right 80-Inch TV for your living room

When revamping an old living room or setting up a new one from scratch, furniture and entertainment and the highest priority. If you have a bigger living room, choosing a large flat-screen TV for that added home-cinema ambiance is quite a difficult task. Many brands are available when looking for flat screens of small sizes; however, screens sizes of 75 inches and above with the right specifications are hard to find. These days, numerous brands provide the best 80-inch TVs in the market. Here are a few name brands that have the best 80-inch TVs on the market:

    The VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 80 comes in Ultra HD format. Not just that, this E-Series range of VIZIO has an XLED-powered Display that with full-array technology and backlight dimming. This TV brilliantly supports extreme contrast and comes with 4K ultra-high definition resolution. These TVs give a sharper, detailed look at movies, games, and cartoons. The ‘Xtreme Black Engine’ feature allows deep black levels that allow you to view dark movies and night views of the movies. ‘Chromecast’ is a built-in feature with this TV, allowing you to stream directly from your smartphone.
  • Samsung
    Samsung offers a wide range of large-sized full-HD flat screen TVs ranging from 70- to 80-inch TVs. As a brand, Samsung is known worldwide for producing some of the best televisions on the market. They provide the best contrast and 4k resolution for wide-screen viewing and offer a perfect cinematic experience. They also have smart TVs in which you can directly connect to WiFi and stream movies via your smartphone. You can also interconnect multiple TVs for screen monitoring. Samsung offers multiple USB and HDMI ports for ease of access.
  • Sony
    Sony is also well known in the market for producing the best 4k resolution TVs and offers the best sound quality. It is slightly pricier as compared to the above two brands, but is worth every penny. Sony 4k Ultra HD TVs come with a slim backlight drive that is dynamic and helps in improving energy efficiency and consumption. It comprises ‘Display OFF Mode’ feature, wherein the TV automatically goes into standby, and the screen display switches off while you enjoy the audio. This feature is perfect for music channels without watching TV. Sony has a wide range of full-HD 4k resolution TVs ranging from 50 inches all the way till 80 and 85 inches.
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