How to choose the best wi-fi plan

Choosing a Wi-Fi plan can be quite an overwhelming process. Especially when there are too many network carriers. You need to determine the local availability and the right fit for speed. If you are planning to but a Wi-Fi internet plan, here are some factors that help you choose better-

  • Speed
    It is the primary factor that will help you pick the best internet plans such as consumer cellular, sprint wireless, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T wi-fi plans. You will need a certain internet speed based on your usage purpose. For instance, general web surfing will not require more than 1Mbps of speed, video conferencing, and standard definition video streaming will require at least 5Mbps. You will need at least 50Mbps for frequent large file downloading.
  • Narrowing down options based on your location
    Once you decide on the internet speed, you can check out websites that will help you provide information on which cellular services are available in your area. If you live in metro areas, you will likely get internet service via a cable provider, phone company or satellite company. Rural areas will likely have internet service covered by a satellite-based broadband service provider.
  • Cost of installation and contract service
    Some internet plans require you to rent the modem provided by them which you might have to return when you give up their services. Other network carriers might let you buy your own routers. When you are planning to buy plans such as AT&T Wi-Fi plans. Check with your network provider to confirm the same. Look out for multi-year contracts so that you are not bound to use the service for a longer period in case you want to change or give up the network carrier plan.
  • Uploading and downloading speeds
    Be sure to compare the fastest internet service providers for the price you are willing to pay. There are many comparison websites that can help you compare a number of wireless internet plans. If you have wireless plans such as sprint wireless internet plan or AT&T wi-fi plans, then you can check the speed of the wireless internet using online speed testing applications.
  • Add-ons and special features
    To increase their customer base, many internet service providers offer add-ons with their plans such as anti-virus software, the subsidized rate on routers. One other feature that you might find helpful is free wi-fi hotspot access. There are wi-fi plans offered by some internet providers that allow you to access public wi-fi hotspot for free.
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