Affordable Kindle devices you should consider buying

What is Amazon Kindle?
Amazon Kindle is a chain of electronic books, designed and sold by The device allows customers to browse, buy and read books in an electronic format. Users can purchase and read e-books, newspapers, magazines etc from the Kindle store. The Kindle Store is also a part of the
The Amazon Kindle can be handy if you don’t leave the house without a book in your bag. The Kindle devices let you carry your entire library every time you step out. It’s also perfect for travelers who want to travel light.

Cheap Kindle Devices
Purchasing, using and maintaining a kindle device is not an expensive process. E-books offered on the store cost considerably less than hard copies. The price of the device itself starts from a modest range of US$ 79.99.

Here’s a list of the cheapest Kindle devices available at the Amazon store.

Kindle (Standard Model)
The first e-book reader, the standard model Kindle by Amazon was launched on November 19, 2007. This is the new slimmer and lightweight design of the standard kindle. The e-book reader is available at the starting price of US$ 79.99 on the website, Amazon. com. The shipping and delivery services are free.

Kindle Paperwhite
The first generation of the Paperwhite edition was launched in 2012. The Paperwhite edition of the Kindle chain is more developed. The main advancements include:

  • The inbuilt light which gives the leverage of reading in the dark.
  • The battery of the Paperwhite edition lasts longer than other readers.
  • The device comes with an option of 3G connectivity which isn’t available for the basic Kindle.

The device is available at a starting price of US$ 119.99 on the Amazon store. The shipping and delivery services are free.

Kindle Voyage
Kindle Voyage was launched on October 21, 2014. It is the slimmest and lightest device and one of the most preferred in the Kindle selection. It is a premium Amazon product. It comes with WiFi and WiFi + 3G support options, broadening the options for users. The device has the highest resolution and contrast. Kindle Voyage is available for US$ 199.99 on the Amazon store. The shipping and delivery charges are free.

Kindle Bundle for kids
It is not a separate device but it is a deal offered by Amazon. This includes a latest Kindle device, a 2-year warranty and a green cover for the e-book reader. The deal is available for a modest amount of US$ 99.99 on the Amazon store. The shipping and delivery charges are free of cost.

Returned and refurbished Kindles
This is highly cost-effective. However, due research and inspection is necessary before buying a refurbished item.

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