5 great benefits of a tablet PC

With the digital revolution showing no signs of abating, tablet PCs are proving to be just as good as desktop PCs. These days, you can use tablets just as you would use a normal PC. Tablets are a third of the size of PC towers and are very portable. You can edit documents, use word processing applications, send emails, play games, and literally do everything that a desktop can do with a tablet PC. You might be torn between buying a PC or a tablet. Here are some of the advantages of a tablet.

  • User experience: Tablet PCs are larger than your average run-of-the-mill desktops in terms of the display size. We are not talking super huge, but large enough to be comfortable for reading, writing, and watching movies. The touchscreen display is intuitive and is one of the most attractive selling points of the tablet. You can browse, type, and navigate through the OS with just your fingers.
  • Better than smartphones: Tablets are more suited towards note taking and assigning tasks. Watching movies is a breeze since the resolution is bigger and the response time is quicker than smartphones. Plus, if you consider the screen size, it’s a lot easier to see on it and use it for other tasks. Using smartphones for work while traveling can be uncomfortable, but a tablet PC does it in a cinch.
  • Fits every budget: Unlike desktops that have a starting budget, tablet PCs are fairly priced and cater to those with a light pocket. Since they are not as packed to the brim with heavy hardware, they are easier to use, carry, and are less prone to virus attacks.
  • Great for meetings: Tablets fit into the environment of an official meeting or a casual, creative meetup. They can be used to instantly share files, type documents, and do many more things instantly. They switch on in a fraction a second, which is much faster than desktops. Some tablets come with stylus support which makes them great for instant touchscreen note-taking.
  • Reliable OS: Most tablets use an OS that is stable. Many of us have experienced our PCs crashing with data recovery becoming an almost impossible task. The makers of tablets have realized that having a reliable OS is of utmost importance. You no longer have to worry about the blue-screen-of-death.

Tablets are designed for social media use. You can access apps catered to using social media networking and media websites. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Hangouts. Some tablet PCs come with a detachable keyboard. It behaves as a portable tech convertible which can switch from keyboard to touchscreen in an instant. This option makes tablet PCs great for taking notes and using other software that require keyboard input.

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