Why should you buy Born shoes?

Born shoes are one of the most popular shoes in the country. They are known for their extreme comfort and their style quotient. This 22-year-old company has kept with the times by introducing new designs every season. They have collaborated with many stores and improved their designs. With their focus on shoes, they have come to be one of the most favored shoe brands.

The beginning
The company was started in 1995. It was started to make comfortable yet stylish footwear. They manufacture boots, shoes, and sandals. They pride themselves on their high-quality manufacturing techniques.

The company manufactures shoes for men, women, and children. They have varieties ranging from casual wear, dress wear, and sportswear.

Comfort by construction
There are several notable aspects of the Born shoes manufacturing process. The following reason should be sufficient for you to want one:
– They are made with utmost care. Each layer is individually designed and placed together.

Upper leather
The upper part of the shoe is lined with the best leathers from the finest tanneries around the globe.

Leather sock
The Born shoes are lined with leather socks that help the foot stay dry and remove any bad odors.

Cushion lining
The sole of the foot is lined with a very soft cushion. It provides comfort to the wearer. There is a support form in the lining that keeps the sole flexible. They can be worn by all age groups.

Air Diffusion
This special layer removes any puffing noise that may occur while walking. It uniformly distributes the air along the sole and prevents it from escaping.

The Born line of shoes is extremely light weighted. They are made out of high-quality leather and are crafted to have the right look.

Hand-sewn comfort
The upper, middle, and sole of the shoe are hand sewn together. They are made using the traditional Opanka hand-stitched technique. It provides flexibility and comfort.

Opanka construction
It is a method of making shoes that has been adopted from Europe. They hand stitch the sock lining of the shoe. The other regions of the shoe are double stitched to perfection as well.

The shoes are manufactured using fine leather. They are manufactured in China, Mexico, and Vietnam.

The O Club
This club allows individuals to sign up and receive emails about the brand’s latest updates. They send a newsletter with all their products. You can keep yourself updated with the latest in fashion.

Other distributors
They are sold at several retail stores across the world. Amazon, Macy’s, and Nordstrom also sell Born products on their website.

Store Locator
They have a dedicated feature that allows you to locate their nearest store. Find a store close to you and get yourself a pair.

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