Types of outdoor Christmas lights you can choose from

Outdoor Christmas lights are one of the major decorations in the festival of Christmas. It can help to decorate your doors, roof, walls, and also Christmas trees.

Types of outdoor Christmas lights:
Bulbs: Bulbs come in various forms, shapes, and colors. There are classic clear bulbs and classic colorful bulbs. Classic clear bulbs create a warm glow and are generally inexpensive while classic colorful bulbs create color patterns and add creativity to your home. Color bulbs typically come in a number of finishes like transparent, opaque, satin, or pearl. You can buy these easily at a Black Friday lighting sale.

LED lights: Known commonly as fairy lights, LED lights are available in various size and colors. They are usually used as outdoor Christmas lights decoration to light up your Christmas tree. There are mini lights, round shapes lights, and large pointed varieties. They are comparatively expensive but can be bought at an affordable price at a Christmas lighting sale.

Icicle lights: These are outdoor festive lights that create a beautiful winter paradise. It comes in a variety of shapes and drops like Christmas icicle lights, traditional icicle lights, and short drop icicle lights. Choose from LED with colors like red, green, etc. to incandescent option.

Traditional icicle lights: Long drop icicle lights are traditional and can vary in length up to 24 inches. For an elegant winter display, hang icicles in either incandescent or LED light styles on rooflines.

Christmas icicle lights: These lights, including color morphing icicles, are used to add a roofline with a rainbow of options. To create a more festive look use long curtain lights along windows or use snowflake shaped bulbs.

Short drop icicle lights: To enhance the architectural features of your home, you can use short drop icicle lights.

Net lights: To decorate bushes or shrubs on the event of a festival use LED net lights. It creates a more welcoming and festive environment. The best way is to create a uniform light pattern. They are also a type of outside Christmas lights in a net-like pattern so that they can be easily draped over the bushes. They can also be used to cover the entire roof with lights.

Battery operated lights: They allow you to place the lights in any place without worrying whether there is an outlet nearby. Use this kind of lights to decorate your lawns front yards, door wreath, roofline, windows, and lighted garland for Christmas, etc. They let you decorate with ease. They are also of great use while decorating centerpieces, staircases, and window swags.

It is important to read Christmas lights reviews before buying any lights so that you know which type of lights will suit your home perfectly.

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