Surprise your little one with interactive Baby Alive dolls

If you visit a toy shop to buy a toy for a little girl, you will know that it is never easy deciding what to buy. Does the little girl like action figures or construction sets? Would she be interested in jigsaw puzzles or water guns? Would she enjoy DIY craft kits or love to play with dolls? Yes, realistic baby dolls, which girl doesn’t like life-like baby dolls? More precisely, adorable little girls who have a tendency to be nurturing would definitely fall in love with Baby Alive dolls.

Baby Alive dolls are extremely popular toys for girls. This is because these dolls can eat, drink, wet their pants, and sometimes move their mouth, make some noises, and even talk! They are programmed to say a few phrases and respond to touch when they are twirled, bounced or cuddled. These dolls are made in two genders, boys and girls, and in different skin tones. These interactive life-like baby dolls are made to resemble newborns and toddlers. Newborns are called Sip ’N’ Slurp, Wets ’N Wiggles, Pat ’N Burp and Sip ’N Snooze because of the different actions they are designed to perform. The Sip ’N Slurp, for example, is a realistic baby doll, which drinks juice out of a straw from her cup when her tummy is squeezed. She can even wet her diaper.

Then there are toddler Baby Alive dolls that are also categorized, Baby Alive Learns to Potty, Baby Alive Baby’s New Teeth, Baby Alive Better Now Baby, and so on. Made in many different skin tones and eye and hair colors, the My Baby Alive, for instance, is a charming life-like baby doll which can be fed a powdered doll food that is mixed with water from her bottle. She even makes a belching sound, wets and messes her diaper, and speaks. She asks “Did I make a stinky?”. The popular Baby Go Bye Bye baby doll is just like a real baby. Little girls can teach it to crawl, feed the baby, change the diaper, brush her hair, and carry her around in her own carrier. The Ready for School Baby is another realistic baby doll that is ready to start learning things taught by your little one. This life-like baby doll has hair that can be styled neatly before sending her off to school with a book she can learn from. All reborn Baby Alive dolls and their accessories bring joy to your little ones.

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