Four great Crocs for men

If you’ve ever wanted a pair of Crocs, you’re in for a treat! Best known for their foam clog design system and premium comfort, Crocs boast of great breathability, good designs, and cool color choices.

Although you can buy sandals and flip-flops, you will find that Crocs combine the best of both worlds. They come with perforations and ample spacing around the feet. They give your feet room to breathe, allow your toes to wiggle around and in general, provide maximum comfort. They are even great for people with feet problems.

Here are four great recommendations for men, if you’re in the market for Crocs.

Classic clog: These shoes are custom-fit and are designed to be water-friendly. The holes assist in the draining of water and improves breathability. You get these shoes in a multitude of colors. Their soles are non-marking and it is cast from fully molded croslite material. You get a heel strap with these shoes. They are odor resistant as well.

Crocband clog: If you’re aiming for a rather bold and sporty look, the Crocband Clog will make you a happy man. It comes designed with form-to-foot fit in mind and is also cast with croslite material. There is a bold midsole stripe designed into the shoes. These shoes weigh only a couple ounces due to the material’s inherent buoyancy. Very easy to clean, you won’t get any odor from these shoes as they offer complete odor resistance.

Crocband flip: Your one stop solution to colorful and comfortable shoes. Resembling flip-flops, these babies are best designed to be worn for garden use. You can wear them to parks, dinners, outings, boat-rowing and much more. There’s a midsole racing stripe for a sporty look and the shoes come in a funky pink color. You will also find the shoes lightweight and is bundled together with a TPU upper strap.

Baya: If you are a croc lover then you would have been to a crocs store before. You will find the Baya to be a bit rare and different from the rest. If you’ve ever wanted to make a fashion statement, the Baya can help you add a twist with its lightweight and durable build. It comes with advanced ventilation for more breathability. This also helps drain water and small debris away in a cinch. Its unique feature is that the footbed comes with a massage pod.

Choose amongst these four models and your feet will thank you for all the comfort.

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