6 ways to adorn your home with decorative lights this Christmas

Christmas lights are an absolute must during the festive season. It has been an age-long tradition to light up homes with decorative lights on Christmas Eve and the night that follows only it has changed from simple candles to designer lights and candles.

Here are six simple yet unique ways in which you can decorate your home with Christmas lights.

String light wall decoration
Use your simple string decorative lights and duct tapes to make shapes on the wall. Plug the wire in and see your self-made Santa Claus, Christmas tree or Reindeer Rudolph light up your walls vibrantly.

Candy cane and icicle lights on the Christmas tree
Buy indoor lights in the shape of candy canes and icicles and drape them around your Christmas tree to give it a bright look. With these you can kill two birds with one stone you get a decoration for your tree as well as a way to light it up for the occasion.

LED lights for outdoor decoration
Light up your lawn, terraces, and balconies with rope lights for the entire neighborhood to see. These are mostly battery LED Christmas lights which are very bright and come in many colors. Rope them around your garden trees or balcony banisters and let them do the magic.

Mason jar string lights
Buy the best Brightech string lights, grab a mason jar or any glass jar available in your house, put the coil of lights inside and switch it on for beautiful indoor decorative lights. It is a zero effort and almost no-cost way of decorating your home with lights on Christmas.

String lights and photographs
An excellent way for a throwback to lovely moments and memories print out the photographs of your best moments with your family and friends and clip them on to a string of lights stuck to the wall with tapes. Relive your memories in the delightful light and shadow of the best festival of the year.

Fireless bonfire
A unique one in this list, you can make a DIY bonfire in your home for your center table or console as a very different Christmas decorations. Make some log woods by rolling newspapers into long cylindrical shapes, stick them with tapes so that they don’t open and make them a bit crooked to give the look of real logs. Arrange them like a small bonfire and put your decorative lights inside the cage of fake logs. Switch it on, and your very own and completely safe bonfire is ready to burn throughout the night.

Brighten up the night for yourself and your guests with these unique light decorations and enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

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