3 most-selling bottled water brands to know about

Did you know that the human body is made of nearly 60% water? To ensure that every bodily function, right from digestion to blood circulation, is running smoothly, the body needs to have enough water. Moreover, drinking sufficient water on a daily basis ensures good health, clearer skin, and even a balanced state of mind.

Since water is such a crucial requirement for the body, it is essential to have water from a reliable source. This is especially important when one is traveling. Furthermore, the taste of water tends to change as we move from one region to another. This is mostly due to the varying geographical factors and the different ways in which the water is processed at different places. This is when bottled water can be useful; one can have a uniform flavor as well as be assured of having clean water. Here are 3 brands of bottled water that are well-known globally:

  • FIJI Water: One of the most popular and best bottled water brands, FIJI Water originates from Artesian, Fiji. It comes from natural sources straight from the source in the rain forests of Fiji. After flowing through multiple layers of volcanic rock, the water is filtered by a natural artesian aquifer. To prevent any contaminants from entering the water, the aquifer is strongly sealed. FIJI Water is enriched with essential minerals and electrolytes. It is available in sizes ranging from 330 ml to 1.5 liters.
  • Evian: If one is looking for premium-quality bottled water, Evian is a good choice. It originates from Source Cache in France. Many believe that the water in Source Cache has curative and restorative properties. However, there has been no scientific research to prove this claim. Despite this, Evian water is considered as one of the healthiest bottled drinking water. It is enriched with essential nutrients. Moreover, there are no additives or added flavors. It is loaded with healthy minerals and has a natural flavor.
  • Mountain Valley: This brand of bottled water is sourced from the hills located between the Cedar Mountains and the Glazypeau in Arkansas. It is known to have medicinal properties due to its mineral composition and healthy pH balance. Also, it has a refreshing flavor and is quite light. Mountain Valley is often recommended to get relief from the symptoms of many chronic disorders. Moreover, this brand of bottled water enjoys a good reputation. It is endorsed by many celebrities and sportspersons.

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