Things to do before your cat gets home

You’re either a cat person, or a dog person. You certainly cannot be both and whichever one you are, you know your pet can turn your whole world upside down. For the better of course, because hardly anyone understands you better than your pets do. Here are a few tips on cat care before you have get one in your house.

Cats have an independent characteristic, but you obviously cannot expect them to take perfect care of themselves. So before you decide to have a cat, you need to make room for one and understand that caring for it is a commitment. Your lifestyle and the way you manage time changes when you bring home a pet. Hence, it is absolutely essential that you do some research before you get yourself a cat.
People can be allergic to cats. Be sure to check if everyone at home is okay and ready to have a cat. You don’t want to bring home the beautiful kitty and then not be able to keep it. Have the necessary tests done, or you could always choose a cat that is low on allergens, consulting the animal shelter or the vet would be ideal.

Once you’ve decided the cat, and want to bring it home, make sure to visit the vet. Take the cat to the vet and get a thorough check-up done. Always better to be safe before bringing the cat home.

Bringing a cat home without a litter box is not the best idea. So, before you bring the cat home, have a litter box set up. Covered boxes are a good pick, since that will give your cat some privacy. This would work well for you too, since gathering all the litter would become rather easy. Maintain the box and clean it often.

Any pet loves to play and cats are no different. A nice welcome toy for your cat would make it super happy. These animals can get happy even with just an empty box, or a toy mice and even string feathers. They’re mainly meant to keep the cat occupied, and active.

Frozen dried chicken nuggets or catnips are really good baits for training the cat. Also when you pick the food for your cat, make sure it’s healthy, and you run the list through your vet. You always want your pet to stay healthy and be fed well.

A pet isn’t something you dread, so have your lifestyle changed, and be mentally prepared to groom, bathe and care for another living creature. You have to make living with your pet fun for yourself and for them.

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