Care guide for your chihuahua

Chihuahuas are not just the cutest and adorable, but they are also the smallest dog breeds in the world. When it comes to taking care of chihuahuas, you need to take care of these three things: feeding, grooming, and health.

Chihuahuas are indoor animals and require lot of care because of their delicate built. There are few things to remember about caring for chihuahuas if your pup is very young then keep them away from very young children or children who cannot hold the young chihuahuas properly. Mishandling the pups can cause them physical damage.
When chihuahuas are teething, keep a safe distance between their mouth and your eyes to keep your eyes safe.

Young chihuahuas, when they are between 4 to 6 months of age, are most prone to hypoglycemia. There is a sudden and rapid drop in their sugar level that can get dangerous if not treated right away. Delay in the treatment can lead to coma and eventually death. Since it happens fast and there is a chance of missing the warning signs, it’s advisable to take the pup to the vet regularly till he reaches the out of danger age.

To keep your chihuahua pup safe and healthy, take them on a walk daily. Start the walk once all the puppy shots are given. A 2030-minute walk is sufficient every day. Keep your pup from jumping from heights. Jumping from a height on more than 2 feet should be prohibited for the pup as it can lead to serious injuries to the pup. Chihuahuas are tiny animals. Instead of a collar, put a harness on them. They have a tiny and delicate trachea and a collar can harm that. Harness can be found for less than $10 in some online stores.

When you are planning to bathe your pup the first time, do it after 68 weeks. A kitchen sink is ideal for little chis as you have a better grasp on them and water can be easily controlled. Water shouldn’t be too cold or hot for the pup. Keep the temperature moderate so the pup won’t feel uncomfortable. Use canine shampoo and conditioner only. Getting blinded by the TV commercial on pet food is something to look out for. Stick to real food, less processed, and treats that don’t seem to be colored artificially.

Apart from food and grooming, dental care should be given equal importance. You may visit the vet and get to know more about the dental hygiene of you little chi.

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