5 different types of cat litter for your feline partner

Everyone loves coming home to furry tails and pink paws, and cats being the independent creatures that they are, you won’t have to fuss around them. Cats are one of the best-behaved and independent animals, and for people who work long hours, cats are the best companion. You don’t have to take them for a walk, nor do you have to rush home to feed them. A timed feeder and a cozy cat tree are what a cat needs. But, you wouldn’t want your cat pooping on your precious carpet, and unless they are potty-trained, the entire home is in danger. That’s where the cat litter box comes in. You don’t even have to potty-train them when they come across a litter box; they know exactly what to do.

If you wish to get more creative with the litter box, different types of cat litter can be used in the litter box. And, your kitty would definitely like it.

  • Clumping Clay- This is the most common type of cat litter which is found in almost every litter box that is ever manufactured. It is made from bentonite, which is a highly-absorbent clay and immediately forms into a clump when your cat urinates. This makes scooping away the soiled clay easier, and cleaning the litter box doesn’t have to be a tedious task.
  • Recycled Paper– If you wish to get all creative with the litter box, you can get cat litter made of recycled paper. The recycled paper used in this cat litter is processed and turned into pellets and granules. It is quite safe for your cat since it will not face any allergic reactions to the litter. And disposing of this cat litter is quite easy since it is biodegradable.
  • Silica Gel Crystals– This is one of the most preferred cat litter. These gel crystals are made of small silica gel beads which are highly absorbent. Cat pee is known to possess a strong odor, and mostly when the cat litter fails to absorb this, it starts reeking of a foul odor. Silica gel crystals absorb the urine and leave the litter box odorless.
  • Pine– Pine litter is quite common these days. The lumber scraps are processed to get rid of the toxins and allergens, and this litter comes in the form of granules, pellets, or simply crushed pine. The scent of the pine is instrumental in controlling the odor of the cat’s urine. It is easily disposable and doesn’t cost much.
  • Grass- There’s nothing that can make your new kitty more comfortable than having a piece of nature in their litter box. This cat litter is made from USA-sourced grass fiber that controls odor, is biodegradable, and can clump easily.
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