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  • Probate Lawyer

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    Morgan Law Group PC can help you with the complex legal process and help you divide property and administer the estate. Our law firm works professionally with clients who live outside of the state of New York and have disabled relatives living in New York. Our probate attorney can take care of your loved one’s needs financially and make sure your relative receives quality care in the hospital, in a nursing home, or in an assisted living facility. Our New York estate planning attorney drafts wills and forms trusts with a durable power of attorney to help you execute your loved one’s estate. Your will is an important document. It tells who will administer your estate when you die. Your estate includes real estate, personal property, family heirlooms, and your possessions. You can specify who will take custody of your minor children who are under your care. For more information or assistance with a will or probate issues, please call Morgan Law Group PC. Our compassionate New York probate lawyers can help you with the emotionally and financially draining aspects of caring for an elderly loved one. The probate process upholds the deceased’s will. The probate process occurs when the deceased dies without a will. It is an expensive process, and it can take years. The probate court identifies the deceased property and distributes it to heirs.

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  • Asset Management And Protection By Morgan Legal

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    Anyone who works in certain industries knows they must protect their career and accumulated earned income in some manner. However, many of these affected individuals do not realize that merely purchasing a professional indemnity insurance policy is not an effective plan. The type of coverage or scope of protection can vary with different personal situations, but the concept is the same across the various industries. In addition to insurance protection, it is also a sound business decision to establish a revocable living trust as well that can be used to shelter idle personal wealth. It is commonly understood that contemporary society is easily the most litigious business environment known throughout history. This condition requires all high-income earners to always evaluate their need for financial protection instruments that shield them when legal disputes arise. One thing is for certain in contemporary society. Legal conflicts happen on a regular basis, meaning that being prepared beforehand is always the best step for anyone who may be financially liable beyond maximum insurance coverage. One industry whose members are the target of a considerable number of legal actions is the healthcare industry, physicians and surgeons in particular. While it is a fact that medical professionals are still human and do make mistakes, it is also true that many claims brought forward are borderline at best. All professionals in the healthcare industry understand their need for errors and omission insurance protection, but this does not protect personal assets. The best option for asset protection is usually establishing a revocable living trust that transfers excess personal wealth under ownership of a separate financial entity. The only damages available in a legal action will then be limited to insurance policy protection. This is a legal step that should also be part of an overall estate management plan that could include other financial instruments as well.

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  • Trust Law Attorney

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    A trust is a legal arrangement based on the administration of a trust creator’s property and assets by a third party. This third party will be a trustee and will work for the creator of the trust. How the trust is administered will be based on the governing legal agreement between the trust creator and the trustee. There will be a significant expectation of fiduciary duty to the trustee. A trust can be flexible as well as complicated. There are different types of trusts and each have their own individual advantages and disadvantages. The classification of a trust will be based on many different factors. One factor is the revocability of a trust. When the trust agreement retains the right of the trust maker with consent of a third party or unilaterally to revoke the trust and take back assets in the trust; it is a revocable trust. An irrevocable trust does not have such a stipulation in its agreement. This is a trust put in place during the lifetime of a trust maker and is designed to be altered, modified or revoked. Many times a revocable trust is referred to as a living trust. These trusts are popular as a way to avoid probate in the event a trust maker passes away. All the assets placed in this trust at the time a trust maker’s death will not be required to be part of a probate. A revocable trust is not an effective tool for protecting assets during the trust maker’s life. They will continue to be vulnerable to a trust maker’s creditors who try to use a court to obtain the assets during a trust maker’s lifetime. Keywords: Nassau County and Long Island, Guardianship Law Attorney, Elder Law Attorney, Probate Lawyer, Will Preparation Lawyer, Asset Management And Protection, Estate Planning Lawyer, Irrevocable Trust, Living Will Lawyer, Trust Law Attorney, Last Will And Testament Lawyer, Great Neck, NY

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  • Morgan Legal Will Preparation Lawyer

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    Death is inevitable and can occur at any time. It is crucial for one to have a will to express your desire in distributing your properties. Dying intestate allows the court to distribute property according to the intestacy laws. A wills lawyer helps resolve issues that may arise from a decedent will. In New York, wills are to be written by individuals of 18 years or more. The testator person writing the will must be of sound mind and must sign the will in the presence of two attesting witnesses. Other than a typed will the NY acknowledges nuncupative (oral) wills which are made by armed forces members while undertaking their naval or military service. The armed force members may also make holographic wills which should strictly be in the testator’s handwriting. Writing a valid will is one major step towards avoiding issues that may be costly and time-consuming. A will contains the identity of the executor that the testator trusts, appointed legal guardian for the children, and revoking clause if there is a previous will among other things.

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