All You Need to Know about Wayfair Furniture

Wayfair is one of those brands that helped to change the face of a traditional business landscape. While the concept of buying furniture was solely a real-life scenario involving the buyer touching and feeling the furniture before buying it, Wayfair created the first successful online furniture store.

Reasons to buy from Wayfair

For those who are looking to buy good furniture online at a cheap price, Wayfair is the best option you have. While a sofa couch of any respectable brand may cost you somewhere from $1000 to $1200, Wayfair makes it available for less than $640. Also, they charge only $50 extra for delivery or it is sometimes even free compared to the delivery charge of $200 and above by other brands.

There is hardly a piece of furniture that you won’t find at the Wayfair shop. From hanger sets to clothing racks and ladders to kitchen shelves, everything is available at an affordable price range. You can check online reviews on various websites to understand minute details of products from Wayfair.

But more than the pricing it is truly the customer reviews that push one towards purchasing furniture from Wayfair. They are known for having over 98% success rating in the last year alone and their support staff is also very friendly. Wayfair believes in putting their customer above the rest and that is why every Wayfair furniture review is a story of their success.

Top sales from Wayfair

Wayfair now sells a huge range of home furnishing materials ranging from coffee tables, shelves, to complete bedroom or playroom sets. Their website is extremely user-friendly and they also have separate categories for room furnishing ideas. Here are some of the top sold products as per the latest Wayfair furniture reviews.

Madison Home USA Sofa

If you are looking to refurbish your living room, but at the same time you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, this sofa is perfect for you. This amazing piece of furniture comes in a stylish black soft leather finish, with stout wooden legs, and two cushions with the same finish. This sofa is sure to give your living room a modern yet classy look. It is available for around $579.99.

85-inch Closet System

The perfect bedroom clothing rack is here, and it’s cheaper than ever before. It is available for just about $905. The clothing rack has a massive 85-inch width and includes 18 open shelves, three knob-pull drawers, two bars for hanging clothes, and a four-tier shoe rack on the side.

This amazing piece of furniture is only available at the Wayfair website, and costs at least 40% less than the other sellers. Turn your bedroom into a modern pad with this highly reviewed closet system.

Nora Mattress

This 12-inch luxury mattress comes with a mix of memory foam, support foam, and cooling foam to give to you an utmost pleasure while resting. This mattress costs around $479. The contours take the shape of the body letting you sink right into the mattress, and a gel infusion inside the foam helps regulate the temperature of the mattress, thereby giving you undisturbed sleep.

This mattress is also delivered right to your doorstep for absolutely no charge at all. If you go through the Wayfair furniture reviews, this product is sure to be one of the topmost recommended product. It also comes with a warranty of 10 years.

Scarlett 5 piece dining set

The perfect piece of furniture for a quaint dining room is one of the best buys for sure. It costs around $219. The table is modern and clean-lined and the chairs are fitted with microfiber upholstered seats. Furnish this piece by the kitchen window and you will have the perfect family dinner set up.

So head over to the Wayfair website to buy any of these furniture products at great prices. You can also look up to the Wayfair furniture reviews online to make an informed decision.

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