4 Affordable Liquid Detergent Brands

Liquid detergents are generally more expensive than powder detergents simply because these are more concentrated. Not just that, they are gentler on the fabrics as compared to the powders or single dose packets. There are a lot of brands these days in the laundry industry that manufactures and sells high efficient detergent in liquid forms. Here are 4 of the most affordable liquid detergent brands that you can choose from depending on your need and preferences

Purex is one of the lowest priced and affordable liquid as well as powder detergents in the market. The best formula of Purex is the one which has an addition of Clorox 2. In case you didn’t know, Clorox 2 is an oxygen-based bleach which is extremely safe for all fabrics and all water temperatures. It is the perfect high-efficient detergent formula that can remove extremely tough and greasy stains and costs way lesser than the other detergents in the market. The strong stain-removing enzymes work on all types of stains which include protein-based stains like blood, grass, soil etc. of food stains like chocolate, grease, tomato sauces, turmeric, curries and so on. You can easily find this at local and grocery stores across the world as well as on e-commerce websites.

This is another high-efficient detergent brand that is a top performer in the market and an effective product at affordable price points. Gain makes liquid detergents, powder detergents, as well as the single, does detergents so you can pick anyone depending on your preferences. This is great for everyday regular laundry washes for both top loading and front loading machines and is very gentle on the fabrics. This product also comes with a scented fragrance which gives your clothes a long lasting fragrance that you will like. It doesn’t work really well on extremely tough stains because it doesn’t have the strong level of enzymes that Tide and Persil have but it does work of soft stains and light body pigments. You can find Gain laundry detergents both online as well as in grocery stores across the world and a lot of times, you can also get great value deals on packs of these.

Arm & Hammer
This is one of the most famous brands that is widely used not just in the country but across the world. It is a mid-price high-efficient detergent brand that is available in 3 different types- liquid, powder and single dose packets. The brand makes tons of different scents and fragrances for you to pick from and also different types of formula variants that you can pick from depending on your fabric type. If you want a variant that removes all the stains including the tough stains then can pick the formula which contains Oxiclean. The reason why this is the best for removing the toughest stains is that it contains sodium percarbonate (oxygen bleach), stain removing enzymes and baking soda.

Woolite is one of the subtle laundry detergents in the market that you can use on all fabrics including wool. Not every detergent brand out there can be used on wool. It doesn’t have extremely strong stain removing enzymes so it does not necessarily wash off mud, grass, grease and dye stains but it does work on softer and lightweight stains. Woolite can remove normal body soil and dirt smoothly without damaging your fabric. You can use the Woolite liquid detergent in machine wash or even for hand washing your sweaters or delicate shawls, scarves, and socks. Woolite has three different variants which you can pick from such as Woolite Extra Delicates, Woolite Gentle Cycle and Woolite Extra Dark Care. There were very few differences. All of these work well for machine or hand-washing your clothes. They also help in protecting dark colors from fading.

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