Wall decal ideas for every wall

The internet if filled with home decor ideas and some photos on those ideas give you serious home decor goals. Wall decals are trending these days and are also one of the best ways to add beauty to your house.

But you might be thinking of certain walls and places that must be left alone when it comes to decals. Well, here are some ideas you can use in your apartment/house for decals.

Bed wall
This is one of the most used walls when you want to do some decorating. Some people hang amazing photo frames and some give a different texture or wallpaper so as to make the wall stand out in the room. But this wall can also do great with just plain solid paint and one piece of art in the form of a wall decal.

If you prefer simple interior and yet something that speaks your mind, you can put a small decal around your switchboard that describes your personality and yet is not too much work on the walls.

Who said wall decals are only for walls. If you love small quotes, you can stick these wall decals that are a quotation on the mirror. Place them in any one of the corners so it doesn’t stop the mirror to serve its purpose and yet look pretty with your tiny personal touch.

Bathroom walls
Bathrooms are mostly ignored by many while decorating your home. But you can get a personalized decal made just for your bathroom and paste it on one of the walls where it catches attention. The decal could be anything that goes with the theme of a bathroom. Try this, you will have most fun here.

Why miss out the ceiling? Imagine waking up to a beautiful piece of art that just soothes your spirit every morning. This can also be a little challenging when you are choosing the right decal, but once you get the best one, it will make all your mornings.

Guest room
Let’s not leave the guest room boring. Spread your creativity in every inch of your house. A nice quote on friendship, family, or life will make a perfect wall decal for the guestroom. It will also make your guests feel at home as they will see your effort of making everybody you host have their best stay.

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