Tips for choosing the best TV package

The best TV package is more a matter of personal choice than anything else. If you are lucky enough to have both a reliable cable network and a good satellite TV provider in your area, then you can choose the most suitable package in accordance with your requirement.

Apart from standard packages, most service providers offer on-demand content. You can easily pick a channel of your choice by paying a few extra bucks.

Here we discuss the basic differences between these two services to help you in making a better choice.

  • High Definition: High Definition TVs are becoming increasingly popular day by day. If you want to make the best use of your HD TV, you should go for Satellite TV. The satellite has a better selection of national HD channels, while cable has a better selection of local HD programming.
  • Channels: In terms of channels and paid subscriptions, both cable and satellite are equally good. Promotional offers which include a free subscription to premium channels for a few months and custom packs are available with both cable and satellite.
  • Reception: Cable connection is not affected by local interferences including inclement weather, trees or buildings.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Cable providers are a step ahead when it comes to customer service rating, although DirecTV and Dish TV have been gaining popularity in the recent years.
  • Pricing: Cable packages do not require you to opt for long-term plans but the monthly plans are expensive. Satellite connections require you to take longer plans which usually last for a year or two on an average. This may be a problem for those consumers who prefer flexibility or move around frequently.

On the other hand, satellite tends to provide more channels at a lower cost in comparison to cable connections.

Types of TV Packages
Basic packages
offer standard network channels and a few add-ons. This budget pack is good because it provides all the essential channels at a minimal price. The channels included in the basic pack may vary among the different service providers.

Premium packages offer many additional channels at a higher price. The package usually includes many exclusive channels including HBO and ShowTime, Cinemax and Starz.

However, the number of movie or sports channels they offer may vary. GSN Game Lounge channel, BabyFirstTV are some of the additional add-on channels that may be available with premium packages.

Basic Plus packages offer certain additional channels over and above the standard network at a slightly higher price.

Broadband Internet connections allow viewers to buy TV service through the Internet. This service allows you to choose between traditional packs and customised packs where you can pick and choose each channel.

At the end of the day, what you choose is what you get. Exercising due diligence will land you with a good deal.

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