Things to consider before buying high efficiency detergent

There are several factors that entail into buying the best high efficiency detergent for your washing machines. Let us take a look what factors should one consider when buying the best detergents for your washers.

Quantity of detergent
You can get a great wash by using just half of what is recommended on the detergent pack. This will help you save some dollars and contribute less into polluting the environment.

Deciding on the type of the detergent
Deciding on which type of detergent you are using completely depends on what type of stains you are dealing with. It also depends on the characteristics of the washing machine, and ofcourse, personal preference.

  • Powder detergents

Powder laundry detergents are best suited for general washing. That is, general soil or stain removal. They generally work efficiently with tough ground stains. If you are a little heavy handed while putting in the detergent in the washing machine, they might leave a white, powdery residue on the clothes. If you wish to use the laundry powder in liquid form, dissolve some detergent powder into warm water and apply it on the hard stains. This will you best of both the worlds.

  • Liquid detergents

It is usually seen that liquid detergents have less impact on environment when compared with its powder counterpart. There are high efficiency liquid detergents that are eco-friendly and are efficient enough to clean wash lightly soiled and colored clothes. Liquid detergents are the way to go if you are using greywater reuse. Greywater reuse is a gently used water from sink, shower, tubs, and even washing machines. They are also a good option if you are using high efficiency washing machine that uses very little water.

  • Laundry detergent pods

These are detergent pods, packets, balls or disks of proportionate amount of detergent that has a dissolvable plastic. They are very much similar to dishwashing tablets that you put in the dishwasher. Some high efficiency detergent pods also contain fabric softeners.

Using a top loader detergent in a front loader washing machine
irrespective of whether you are using high efficiency detergent, it is not a good practice to use a top loader detergent in a front loader machine. This is because high efficiency front loaded machines use less water and a have a more mechanical action when compared to top loader washing machines.

Thus, using top loader detergents in a front loader machines might create more suds, which might cause an overflow in your laundry with foam. This might create suction issues further and cause the motor to burn out.

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