Reasons to purchase a zero turn mower

A zero turn mower can turn at zero-radius, meaning, it can turn within its own footprint. This is why most professional landscape contractors prefer this technology. Due to the high demand for this technology, even the best zero turn mower in the market is available at affordable rates. In turn, most people are replacing their old and outdated mowing equipment with such good quality, cheap lawn mowers.

Why make an upgrade?

The main difference between a zero turn mower and a steering wheel lawn tractor is in their controls. In zero turn mowers such as the Honda lawn mower, each rear wheel has an independent motor, one on the right and one on the left. These wheels are controlled by two independent steering wheels, which provide perfect maneuverability.

The best zero turn mower cuts your mowing time to half since it consists of several features. The John Deere mowers offer easy maneuvering around obstacles. Such a feature allows the driver to mow around trees in the least amount of time. Moreover, some of the zero turn mowers are specially designed to cut the grass twice as fast as traditional lawn tractors. This feature significantly improves your straight line mowing speed.

The pricing

Although the best zero turn mower is priced higher than a traditional lawn tractor, they are available at a far cheaper cost than what they used to be in previous years. The higher price is because zero turn mowers have two hydrostatic transmissions as opposed to one in a lawn tractor. Moreover, these mowers have stronger frames, larger decks, and engines and more steel in their construction. All of this adds up to the cost.

They may cost more, but they also offer major long-term cost savings. Since they cut grass quickly, the gas consumption is reduced to half. Moreover, shorter run time leads to less wear and tear of parts. Also, lawn mower parts including Honda lawn mower parts are readily available in the market at budget-friendly cost and they serve you for years to come, thanks to their exceptional quality.

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