How to decorate using strip and track lighting

Strip lights have become gained extreme popularity in the modern world because of their commercial availability in the market at comparatively reasonable prices. Today, the level of awareness has increased, and people have started investing in the right products. Strip lights installed in hotels are inspiring homeowners who are now investing in these products to enhance the glam quotient of their houses. The market has inflated dramatically due to the ease of availability and installation as well as the numerous options provided by brands. Moreover, the style statement of individuals has gone up who now want professionalized looks of their private apartments.

  • Track lighting is another such system that is characterized by multiple lights affixed to the ceiling to facilitate varied illumination. Track lighting system is composed of two major components namely the track and the head. The track is the base that consists of electrical parts connecting the lights to the wiring of the house. The track defines the area up to which the heads from which the actual light is emitted can be attached. The head consists of the lamp and the sockets that associate it to the electrical parts of the track.
  • Modern track lighting systems have taken the shape of chandeliers containing multiple pendant light bulbs that serve as a beautiful accessory in the house. The entire system is based on the hot and neutral conductors which are strips made of copper. These are supposed to be placed in specific positions inside the track to make the track lighting system functional for which it is ideal to hire the services of an electrical expert. Once the complex part has been done, you can do the styling of the heads according to the intensity of light required.

More often than not, track lighting is installed in areas where the flow of traffic is intended and where specific attention is to be drawn. It is advisable to place the heads at a considerable height to allow effective spreading of light as well as prevent the head from hitting the individual, particularly while standing. One important aspect to be considered is that the track lighting system should be purchased as a whole. This means that the track of one brand should be accompanied by the head of the same brand only since they are mostly constructed in a manner to complement one another.

Therefore, both strip lights and track lighting systems can help you in recreating the ambiance of the house through exciting combinations. While strip lights may be more colorful than track lights, they are both effective in drifting away from the mainstream lighting style that is normally adopted in houses. Always choose lights by the area and material that has to be lit to avoid off combinations.

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