How to choose best service packages?

Every house and every person needs the TV in some way or the other. They might not want to miss a drama or a sitcom or even sports. Watching television has become a part of everyday life. And obviously when you are choosing a services package, you get confused with what to choose and what not, because of the various options you are offered by different service providers. It is always a wise idea to choose all the three services namely, TV, internet and phone from the same service provider. This helps you to consolidate your bill and at the same time enjoy all the services.

In the beginning, the cable companies had started providing internet and television services as a bundle. People automatically started to move towards these bundle services as they were very convenient and cost-effective. Now, even the phone service providers have started providing internet TV with their bundles to join the competition. Their bundles come with different options of TV and internet speed packages. You can choose the package as per your needs and budget. With so many internet and TV package options available, making a choice can be quite challenging.

How to choose?
First, check out the service providers in your area. Sometimes, the most reputed service provider does not serve the area where you live. So it is always better to look for the service providers who are serving people in your area. Look for options like
Top rated ISPs
Cheapest broadband in the town
Cable providers
Residential DSLs by price

Also, go through the online ratings about their connection reliability and prices charged for the services provided. FiOS is believed to offer highest download speed with 50 megabits a second. But as said earlier if their services are not available in your area then there is no use in finding out about their packages. Websites like, etc. can offer you a chart that has all the details of the individual packages available in your locality. Similarly, provides all the details of the cable, DSL and wireless service providers in your area. Some of the points you need to consider before choosing a plan have been listed below

Look for a good upload and download speed for the price you want to pay. Go to and on the map tab look for the ranking of the service provider you wish to subscribe to. If the ranking and rating is good then you can go for it.
Some providers offer free modem with the connection while in some cases you need to buy separately. Some offer free installations while other charge for the installation.
Sometimes, the bundle price looks very attractive with the initial discount or during the offer period. But once the offer expires, you end up paying a huge bill. So, calculate the cost of the bundle before and after the offer period.
Look for all the details and read the terms and conditions (even the fine print) before going ahead with the bundle. Make an informed decision and enjoy the features.

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