Everything you need to know about top load washing machines

A washing machine is a washer for your laundry. The washing machine uses water, detergent, and wrings the clothes dry by spinning them inside the machine. Washing machines save you the trouble of having to wash them by hand.

Today’s washing machines come in two types:

  • Front Load Washing Machines
    This type of washing machine has a door at the front of the machine where the clothes can be loaded. The detergent tray and other options lie at the top of the machine.
  • Top Load Washing Machines
    This type of washing machines has a lid on the top of the machine where the clothes can be loaded. The detergent tray lies either inside the machine or at the top along with other options.

Washing machines, including top load washing machines, provide various options for water level, duration, and functions. Sometimes washes can even be scheduled. The top load washing machine works in a manner where the tub is filled inside the machine after the clothes are loaded, after which the water and detergent are rotated around to wash clothes in a uniform fashion.

Top load washing machines come with certain advantages in comparison to front load washing machines. They are more durable and have more features. Below mentioned are the different features of the top load washing machines.

  • Reversible motors and mode-changing transmission
    This creates heavy agitation inside the machine to form spin cycles and wash the clothes thoroughly.
  • Fabric softener dispenser
    Top load washing machines also provide fabric softener dispensers to add fabric softener between the washing and rinsing stages, along with agitation for better reach to each piece of clothing.
  • Lint Traps
    Some top load washing machines also come with lint traps to absorb lint from water during agitation cycles.
  • Ease on body
    Top load washing machines also make it easier to load clothes in, as they do not require one to bend down. It lets you load the machine without any pressure on your own body. This makes top load washing machines a good option for seniors as they don’t have to bend down to load the machine with clothes.
  • Pause option
    They also have an option of pausing the wash to add any remaining laundry. If certain pieces of clothing are left out or require only rinsing, they can be added at later stages of the washing process as well.
  • No mold formation
    Top load washing machines also do not form mold easily. Formation of a mold is highly unlikely to be seen in top-load washers as the water is completely drained out after a wash cycle.


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