Building a DIY cheap storage shed

Building a storage shed is very important to store children’s play toys, household tools etc. Hardly few of us are interested in building a highly expensive shed, whether it is in your backyard or in your garden space. However, building a storage shed needn’t be expensive. There is a wide range of designing formats to construct sheds from the gable to the rich, colonial designs. Here are some quick ways to build a storage space (shed) which isn’t an expensive job. These are some economical materials to start off a modular shed according to the area plan:

OSB Siding panels built from oriented strand board which is less expensive than the usual plywood panels or solid woods. More importantly, the siding panels come remade and there is no need of any additional sheathing below the siding, which saves the money and labor. One can save up to around $1,000 if one knows how to construct the wood foundation it is not so difficult.

For the custom door, a pre-hung exterior door is ideal. Since a pre-hung door isn’t good enough for the interiors of the house as it hardly the seasonal changes. For an outdoor shed, a pre-hung door will look stunning. For the custom door, lumberyard materials will look expensive without spending a lot of money. They are easy to build like arch-top windows. For the modular construction, a composite trim is a great inexpensive and durable choice. It will approximately save a person $160 and doesn’t have any uncluttered knots to work with. In the long run, the walls will look magnificent after the first coat of paint.

One can also construct an attractive and simple storage shed in a small space size about two feet deep and six feet wide, which would cost roughly around $450 to $550 depending upon the hardwood prices, which just vary daily. Basic materials include plywood, concrete brick pavers, lumber, hinges, stain and asphalt roof shingles. If you have got the basic tools like hammer, air compressor, brad nail gun, cordless drill and bit set, chalk line, safety protection kit, sawhorses and stepladder for this DIY shed project, simply get started according to the plan.

If you’re doing it for the first time, try and get a helping hand. You might be able to get free shed plans from some hardware/craft realtors which would include the step-by-step directions printed with accurate measures, photographs., etc. This helps you get a better idea and move along with your shed building project confidently.

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