Adding a new member to your bedroom

What changes from time to time other than the government? The answer is very obvious style. For instance, it has been quite some time that the classic beds from the Elizabethan period have been replaced by the modern beds of the late 1980s. To those who are not familiar with the bunk bed, it might help you to know that this bed has become very popular over the last three decades. Many US households have already added this new member to their family. These beds occupy less space and allow you to accommodate other furniture more easily, compared to traditional beds. And these are a must in kids’ bedrooms especially.

What are they?
A bunk bed essentially comprises of two beds stacked one over another. This way, two people can share this structure for sleeping, without having to get a queen or king bed. With new designs being launched in the market, bunk beds are now available in three different shapes and sizes.

Twin over twin beds – These are simple twin-sized beds stacked one over one another with varying dimensions. The average dimension is around 68H x 42W x 80L.

Twin over Full Beds are simple twin-sized beds stacked upon a full-size bed.

Full over Full Beds are similar to the above two, with two full-sized beds stacked one over another, as the name suggests. Their dimensions vary with an average dimension of 68H x 60W x 80L.

The first one is perfect for sleepover parties of kids as a single child can easily be accommodated on each level. The second one provides more resting place without claiming a single inch over a normal full sized bed. The last one easily accommodates two kids in each level.

Concerned about your child’s safety?
All parents are concerned about their children’s safety. But you don’t have to worry about it with a bunk bed. Designers and manufacturers know how precious your child’s safety is to you. That is why they provide side rods that would prevent your kid from falling from the top level during sleep. And that is not all. Assembling a bunk bed can be very exciting but dangerous too. So manufacturers provide a safety manual with every set, which would protect the parents from any injuries. Hence, you can peacefully put your child to sleep and not worry throughout the night.

Since bunk beds are smart and space-saving, these are not exactly pocket-friendly. But, with the emergence of online stores all over the world and the growing demand for these beds in US, you will surely come across bunk beds sales now and then. Online websites offer these beds at reasonable prices during a special season of the year (mostly when the year ends).

These beds are something which every child desires, after their action figures or dolls. They are very popular with kids who are love sleepover parties or simply have a brother or sister. Considering the smile that these beds would bring on your child’s innocent face, it seems to be a healthy investment.

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