5 tips to select the best bathroom color

The way you use colors can make or break a bathroom design. The best bathroom colors are the ones that not only make the space beautiful, but also serve a function. The functional aspects can be to create an optical illusion, to add serenity to the space or to simply add an interesting design element.

However, when you choose colors for your bathroom, take some time to go over the design and imagine the colors running through it. Once you like what you see in your imagination, you can bring your design vision to life with much ease. Here are some tips to select the best colors for a bathroom.

  • Use the same color tones for the entire bathroom to make small spaces appear larger. Same doesn’t have to be boring. You can use softer shades of blue, green, white and gray. Alternatively, you can pair a color with white to achieve the same effect. You can paint the wall beige and keep the tiles in the shower area white to create an illusion of an uninterrupted space.
  • To make your bathroom space interesting in a subtle way, use two neutral hues in the color scheme. The best bathroom colors in this regard can be white and any shade of gray. To make the space more appealing, use the same combination throughout the bathroom in the use of tiles, decorative pieces and accessories. The combination can work wonders; imagine white sink and gray wall colors and countertop, white tub and gray shower curtains, white tiles with subtle gray designs and white cabinets with gray floor mats, bins and baskets.
  • For a calming effect, use pastels and cool shades in the bathroom. This is ideal for those who prefer the bathroom to act as a restful haven after a day’s work. To imbue the space with more energy, use bright color combinations that can instantly lift your spirit. Try green and purple or golden and coral.
  • Use contrast of light and dark for a compelling bathroom decor. If you are wary of using darker shades to avoid cramping your bathroom, but still crave a bit of cocoa or ebony, there is a simple solution to your dilemma. You can use darker tones in the vanity, cabinets and tiles and contrast it with lighter walls. Think mahogany cabinet doors, cream walls and a bright-rimmed mirror. Add to it a white sink, chocolate countertop and bright colored pops in the form of towels, brush holders and perhaps a picture frame in green.
  • If it is whimsical you fancy, then why not opt for colors not usually used in the bathroom. For instance, a fuchsia wall with black tiles; purple and gray tiles on one wall or mint green sink, cabinets with violet walls.

Think what inspires you and use them around your bathroom. It can be your favorite flower, season, or bird. Pistachio specks with strawberry swirls on your bathroom wall? Well, why not?

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