4 best gold metal detectors you can buy

Gold metal detectors are made to detect and identify if there is gold underneath the surface.

Gold metal detectors can sometimes be strong enough to detect gold from a substantial depth. They help in identifying any precious gold underground. Since gold nuggets are very small in size, they are very hard to find. Using the best gold detectors is the only way to find the gold. Using substandard gold detectors can let you miss out on some pieces of gold.

Further, not just any metal detector can be used to find gold. This is because gold can only be found in highly mineralized soil. Any soil containing more than one metal can create problems for your hunt for gold. Hence, it is required that for finding gold, only a gold metal detector be used, and one that is good.

Some of the best gold metal detectors can be expensive, but very effective. The gold you find with these metal detectors can easily make you forget their costs. There are many brands and companies that produce gold metal detectors. Here are five best gold metal detectors in the market right now:

Fisher® Gold Bug Pro
It is a very user-friendly machine which can be easily picked up by a first-time user. This detector is lightweight and can be used in shallow grounds. This is helpful as it increases your search time without tiring you.

White’s GoldMaster GMT Metal Detector
This is one of the oldest detectors in the market and also one of the most efficient. The GMT is extremely sensitive and can pick up traces of gold better than most contemporary gold detectors. This is perfect for complex grounds as it adjusts itself to the varied conditions of the ground.

Fisher® Gold Bug 2
This is also one of the oldest products in the market and has not failed to deliver. It is very sensitive and catches on to very small nuggets of gold as well. It can detect gold that is as small as a pinhead and can detect larger pieces of gold as well, besides how far deep the gold follows through.

Garrett ATX Metal Detector
This gold metal detector uses pulse induction detection which provides a larger range than other gold detectors. It is resistant to water like most good detectors but is resistant to up to 10 feet of water. It is waterproof, which minimizes the damage while being outdoors.


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