Five popular genres of video games

It is widely observed that the gaming industry has become far bigger than the movie business if we go by the revenue numbers alone. The constant use of innovative technologies and the vast number of gamers have made the gaming industry one of the most looked upon segments. There is an integration of the best writers, voice artists, game designers who have made the golden age of gaming possible. Here are the five video game genres that are gaining popularity in the recent times.

Recreating an experience through a video game is accurately seen in the genre called simulations. One of the popular innovations in simulations is the use of Virtual Reality wherein the gamer gets the real-time experience. Some of the known games using simulations like SimCity, Gran Turismo, to name a few.

Sports games are gaining immense popularity over the last decade. The continual use of newer technologies and the amalgamation of online feature has given the opportunity to play in real-time with gamers around the world. This genre also closely tie the real-time experiences, adventures, and events that other genres struggle to provide.

One of the most popular video game genres from the beginning was action. The games in this genre include challenges such as combat, puzzle solving, to name a few. These games require quick reflexes and are extremely intuitive and mostly seen to have a rising curve of levels of difficulty. We notice that some of the best action games have the right blend of storyline that helps the gamer to stick around, unique user-experience, and high-quality creation tools. These attributes out together offer a worthy gaming experience and the sports genre does have a lot to provide to its target audience.

Some of the earliest video game genres included adventure games. These games did not have any streamlined story or content but had a number of missions that had to be accomplished. It also did not involve any supporting characters. Over the years, this genre has evolved and includes a definitive storyline, side characters, and action elements as well.

Strategy video game genre focuses on gameplay that calls for strategic thinking and careful planning that helps to achieve victory. This is one of the popular genres of video games and requires sound decision-making skills.

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