Healthy snack ideas for your kid’s lunch box

Proteins, minerals, calcium, and other vital nutrients are important for the growth of your kids. And these important elements come from serving healthy snacks and foods to your kid. Healthy eating habits are crucial for the overall development of your kid and these also keep away any health issues such as obesity, which can later be a big health problem. You want to make sure that your kid eats a proper meal at school, then do not just depend on the regular diet or foods. Here are some of the healthy snacks ideas that you can serve your kid in the school lunch box.

Snacks with fruits and vegetables
Eating fruits and vegetables is healthy for people of all ages but especially for kids. As kids are picky eaters, they tend to avoid fruits and vegetables. They also lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Fruits and vegetables have important vitamins and therefore there should be a part of your kid’s school lunch box. Even if they skip their meals, fresh fruits or vegetables can provide the required nutrients. This can seem a bit challenging as to how to experiment with fruits and vegetables but if you know the right trick then you can prepare healthy snacks such as fruit parfait, vegetable salad, etc. On top of it all, the fruits and vegetables are not only a tasty and healthy snack option but also are less costly than the less-healthy snacks.

Healthy grains
Breakfast cereals can be served with low-fat milk. You can choose from the whole grain options such as Cheerios, Raisin Bran, and Wheaties make a great and healthy snack idea for your kid’s school lunch box. If you want to experiment with these, then you can always add some fresh fruits, cream, and mixed berries to make it look colorful and interesting for your kid. Check for the cereals which do not have more than 35% added sugars.

Smoothies are one of the favorites of every kid so you can always keep this option safe for the days when you do not have too many options at home to cook with. Store-made smoothies have added sugars and do not form a very healthy variant. So, blend some fruit with fresh juice, milk or yogurt.

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