The best type of Vanguard funds to enhance your retirement portfolio

The years of retirement are golden, provided that one has a portfolio with the right kind of investments. A growing number of individuals are opting for Vanguard funds as a fascinating investment option. Mutual fund statistics may not be an area of interest to many, while an advisor can be an expensive option to look at. Stirring away from the two, Vanguard funds prove to be a great choice for retired investors. The several funds prove to be extremely beneficial for individuals looking to save up for the years of retirement.

Vanguard funds offer some of the most suitable low-cost yet no-load mutual funds to investors. Thus, they provide the best dividend funds which are a perfect option for individuals looking to generate retirement income.  As a retiree, one may be considered a long-term investor. However, it does make for a wiser decision to also invest in short-term options to fulfill the immediate needs. The portfolio must include a combination of growth and income-generating funds. Here are three of the 10 best Vanguard funds for a retirement portfolio.

Dividend funds
A less aggressive option in comparison with the other types of funds, dividend funds are commonly categorized in the value stock funds section. The risk factor is lesser and thus, this kind of Vanguard funds make for appropriate retirement options. Retired investors or individuals looking to retire in the near future would typically stir away from excessive risk. One can receive Dividend fund returns in the form of a source of income or employ the same to purchase more funds of mutual shares. However, a large portion of retiree investors opts for an income as a reliable and steady payment from their fund investment. The top dividend funds from Vanguard include Vanguard Dividend Growth, Vanguard High Dividend Index, and the Vanguard Utilities Index Adm among several other options.

Conservative allocation funds
Conservative investing is a smart retirement option in nature. It involves a strategy that combines low market risk while keeping volatility to a minimum. Amidst the same, it aims to achieve the returns which can outdo or match the pace of inflation. Conservative allocation funds are one of the best Vanguard funds for a retirement portfolio as they hold a combination of stocks, cash, and bonds that are low in terms of risk. Thus, when there is a great fall back or decline in the market, it does not have a great impact due to a diversified allocation. Two of the popular conservative allocation funds include Vanguard LifeStrategy Conservative Growth and Vanguard Wellesley Income.

Bond index funds
Vanguard offers the best combination of low-cost bond funds in the spectrum of mutual funds. Bond Index funds enable the gain of great performance in the world of mutual funds. Index funds come at a low cost due to the lesser operating expenses. All a manager must do us to employ time into tracking the benchmark index, while an active manager tries to beat the benchmark. Index funds bring the added advantage of lack of human mistakes. The reason behind the same is that the index fund is handled through passive management. This management eliminates the possibilities of a miscalculation of the economic conditions prevalent in the market. The popular bond index funds to pick include Vanguard Intermediate-Term Investment Grade and the Vanguard Short-Term Investment Grade.

Every Vanguard fund holds a place of its own, however, there are some which may be a good pick for some individuals. The funds do the job and are inexpensive. All the three types of Vanguard funds require an investor to draw in a minimum investment of $3000. There are several other types of funds can prove to be extremely beneficial to the retirement portfolio. One must closely evaluate the several factors that are attached to the same and generate enough knowledge before taking the plunge.

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