5 top dental insurance plans for 2021

A dental insurance plan can cover all the preventative dental care costs and simultaneously lower the expense on the costlier dental procedures, such as fillings, bridges, and crowns. Therefore, it is vital to shop for the best possible option. 

To help you out, here are the five best dental insurance plans 2021 that you can check out. 

Complete Dental Plan by Humana
This is one of the best dental insurance plans 2021 and offers complete coverage on preventative services. It has fifty percent coverage after deductibles on pricier services and eighty percent coverage after the deductible on basic services. For the significant or basic service, the waiting period can be waived with substantial evidence of past dental insurance. 

Cigna Dental 1500
The next best dental insurance plan for 2021 is the Dental 1500 plan by Cigna, which charges a $0 fee for in-network services. There is coverage of up to $1500 in a year, net of coinsurance, and deductible on restorative services. A deductible of $150 is applicable for families, and $50 is for individuals. For orthodontia, you are covered up to $1000.

Liberty Dental Discount Plan
It is a suitable pick for those who do not need a long-term commitment or an extra bill to avail of this insurance. With their discount plan, you can save anywhere between 10-20 percent on most of their dental services. There are also added benefits to X-rays and preventative cleaning. This is an excellent program for the seniors, and they can get good discounts for major procedures, such as root canals, dentures, crowns, implants, and others. There are no maximums or deductibles, and the patients are expected to pay only the discounted rates to the provider for the availed service. At present, the residents of Texas, New Jersey, California, Nevada, Illinois, Florida, Missouri, and New York can avail of this plan. 

Dental Premier Choice by United Healthcare
As part of this dental insurance plan, there is a per person deductible of $50 for major and basic services with a network provider. There is no copayment for preventative dental care. Subject to the deductible, United Healthcare covers 50 percent for the basic services, which rises to 65 percent after a year and 80 percent after two years. Further, net of deductible, all the major services and procedures are covered at 10 percent, but they, too, increase to 40 and 50 percent after the first and second year, respectively. The annual maximum of $1500 is applicable.

DeltaCare USA by Delta Dental Insurance
It is a prepaid plan on an annual basis and has no annual dollar maximums, zero deductible, coverage for over 300 procedures, low or no copayments, or preventative and diagnostic services. However, you must pick your primary care dentist from the preferred network only. 

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