Two of the best rugged business laptops

In business, thinking long term is always the best. When businesses look to invest in technology, they make sure they are putting their money into something that would last them for a long time. And a business laptop is no different.

When we say a business laptop, we are referring to a piece of technology, which is as well traveled as its owner. A business person’s laptop goes everywhere they do; which only goes to say that a business laptop apart from being efficient, also needs to be rugged enough to endure long travels. This, in fact, is the crux of some of America’s best business laptops. Today, we are looking at two laptops that have stood the test of time in terms of sturdiness, thus easily earning the title of the best business laptops.

Dell’s Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme

This one is the boss when it comes to best business laptops. With its fortified magnesium backbone, the Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme is built for extremely sturdy conditions like construction sites and industrial environments. This means that the machine can survive rains, blowing sand, in-transit drops, functional shock, humidity, salty air, high altitudes, a volatile atmosphere, solar radiation, thermal shock, freezing temperatures, etc. All of this is by far more than an average human being would be able to handle! Now if that is not rugged, we don’t know what is! All of this makes it a heavy 8lbs piece. This sturdy machine also comes with 4G/ LTE mobile broadband, an SSD that has a mobility of 128GB, and an Intel Core i4 processor.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T450sc

Part of Lenovo’s Think series, this one has a great repute for its sturdiness. While it has a body made of magnesium, its lid is made of carbon fiber and its hinges are of stainless steel that would last about as long as you! Again, the T450sc is able to withstand shock, vibration, humidity, high pressure, soaring temperatures, low pressure, salt fog, fungus, dust, and solar radiation. It also comes with a spill-proof keyboard. With a 5th generation Intel Core processor and a battery life of over 12 hours, this one weighs barely 4lbs, making it one of the best business laptops for travel.

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