Features That Make the IPhone 6S Plus a Great Buy

The iPhone 6S Plus was released on September 25th, 2015. Apple launched the iPhone 6S Plus with some advancement in the features as compared to the other phones of the S series. The new rose gold shade was added to silver, gold, and grey shade list. It continues to impress the users with its sleek and elegant looks at a base price of around $299. Like other Apple phones, the price varies with the storage capacity. You’ll get 64GB storage at around $399 and 128GB for around $499. Though quite older, the Apple iPhone 6S Plus is a great phone with some of its unbeatable features. Read the article below to find out more about it.


As mentioned above, the iPhone 6S Plus has a great look. Though there are many phones with 6 and 7 inches screen, the 5.5-inch screen won’t make yours feel smaller. The aluminum body with curved edges and smoother linings makes it an eye-catching device. The rose gold shade, though pinkish, doesn’t look girly, instead, it adds a classy look to the device. The screen guard is made up of Iron X-Glass and not the common gorilla glass, hence making your phone exceptional in every case.

Display screen

The display of the iPhone 6S Plus has been enhanced with 5.5 inches 3D touchscreen. The screen is pressure sensitive and helps in performing background responsive actions. You have to do nothing extra but press down a little on the phone screen to see the magic of 3D. The screen dimension is 158mm by 77.9mm 7mm with 1920 X 1080 IPS resolution. This means that you get a sharper display with excellent brightness and accurate color contrast.

Processor and RAM

The iPhone 6S Plus offers smooth workability with the advanced A9 processor and 2GB RAM. You are going to enjoy the speed with ease when switching between apps or playing 3D games. The M9 motion coprocessor is rather faster and changes the step-to-step distance when walking or running. Gaming experience is advanced with 70 percent faster CPU and 90 percent faster GPU. Therefore, you are going to enjoy sliding on the screen.

The “Hey Siri” command

If you have been an iPhone user, you must be familiar with this command. The “Hey Siri” command allows you to command your phone without touching it. In the older iPhone models, this command was active only when the phone was in charging mode, but in the new iPhone 6S Plus, this command is always activated.


If you are one among those who love capturing pictures and videos, you are going to love this phone. The 12 megapixel back camera with 4K recording ability offers amazing picture quality. The front camera is 5 megapixel with face timer and high definition picture quality. It allows you to capture 720p HD recording. The retinal flash helps you click a picture with apt light flash for your face when clicking the picture.

Battery backup

With the minimum backup up to 11 hours, the iPhone 6S Plus stands on the top of the preference list when it comes to battery. Even when browsing the net on mobile data, the battery runs smoothly for 11 long hours and when using Wi-Fi, it runs for 12 hours. If you use your phone for watching videos, you may expect a bit more with up to 14 hours of battery life and 80 hours when only playing audio.

If you are looking for a phone upgrade, you may with no doubt opt for this smartphone. Though quite expensive, its greater battery life, smoother 3D touch, and speedy performance justify its price. The iPhone 6S Plus is one of the phones that is easy to use and boasts of salient features.

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