Cell phone plans perfect for senior citizens in 2021

Cell phone plans for senior citizens are designed by communication companies keeping in mind the need for fair pricing, reliable coverage, and ample talktime and data. Some cell phone plans also include senior-specific features in their plans as an added benefit. Here are the best cell phone plans for 2021 for seniors.

This cell phone provider offers unlimited plans for seniors, making it one of the best cell phone plans for 2021. There are no hassles of annual service contracts, and seniors get unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $27.50 a month. Included in all the senior plans is the ScamShield, a service that helps reduce the number of scam calls seniors often receive. 

Lively has some of the best no-contract month-to-month plans for seniors. The Lively Flip plan starts at $14.99 a month for 300 minutes and $3.00 monthly for 500 texts. Depending on whether you chose a flip phone or smartphone, a fee is charged for the handset and setup. Seniors can cancel the service plan at any time with no penalties. Health and safety packages for seniors are also available, which is chargeable. 

AT&T’s Senior Nation plan is designed for people 65 and more. The plan starts at $29.99 a month, which includes 200 anytime minutes, 500 nights and weekend minutes, and unlimited minutes with other AT&T users. The plan is applicable only for basic phones and is great for those seniors who do not require data. 

FreedomPop offers flexible, budget-friendly cell phone plans for seniors. It stands among the best cell phone plans 2021, and the service plan can be canceled at any time with no penalties. FreedomPop offers a free phone service option that includes 200 minutes of talk time, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data. For more minutes, seniors can choose the 55+ plan that costs $24.99 monthly for unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data. Seniors can downgrade to the free plan or upgrade plan anytime. 

Republic Wireless
Republic Wireless does not offer exclusive plans for seniors but has low-cost plans for everyone. For unlimited talk and text, plans start at just $15. Seniors who use data can get it for $5 per GB every month. Republic Wireless plans also do not require contracts and have no complex options or hidden fees, making them some of the best cell phone plans for 2021.

The best cell phone plan for seniors will give them the freedom to talk with their loved ones frequently, even while on a budget. Depending on the usage, you can choose the best cell phone plan for seniors.

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