7 Popular Laptop Accessories for Your Macbook

You love your MacBook and you would obviously want to get the most out of it. Although all Apple products are undeniably fascinating, you might need other accessories to take your experience to the next level. There have been quite a lot of accessories that have been launched in the market.

In this article, a few of the popular MacBook laptop accessories have been listed. These useful MacBook laptop accessories will enhance the user experience even more. The accessories that are going to be discussed are helpful for the short term and the long term as well.

Popular MacBook laptop accessories to choose from

There are thousands of accessories made solely for MacBook users. Here is a list of the top laptop accessories that you need for your MacBook right away.

Zone-365 Twist Charging Cable Protector

You must have noticed how easily cables can get damaged. The MacBook’s thin charging cable is also susceptible to damage. This cable protector saves the day! It is a heat-resistant silicone protector that you can twist around your cable. It keeps electrical fires at bay and ensures that your cable is always dry. It is easy to bend but it is strong as well.

Transcend JetDrive Lite

You might be proud of your MacBook’s storage space. However, before you know it, your storage space could be running out. This tiny external storage device is here to help. It only needs to be inserted into your MacBook’s SD card slot. Viola! You get extra space to work with, without complications. If you don’t like carrying external hard disks, this is a great option.

Twelve South Bookarc Stand

If you have the tendency to connect your MacBook to external desktop gear, then this stand might prove to be quite useful. It helps you to save space on your desk. It comes with an arc design that saves your MacBook from spills and ensures that you can neatly tuck away the wires. It looks classy and elegant as well.

UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector

It is vital to safeguard your keyboard. This brilliant protector might help you out. It provides an extra thin layer of material that snugs perfectly to your MacBook. You can use your keyboard like you normally do. It is fairly transparent and does not cause any disruption when you type. It is washable so you can clean it regularly.

Aleratec Natural Bamboo Laptop Stand

This stunning bamboo stand is useful and beautiful. It helps you easily use your Mac when you are sitting on the couch or bed. It comes with an elegant design. There is a separate desk for keeping your mouse. This laptop stand lets you comfortably place your hands on it so that you can type without interference.

Satechi USB-C Power Meter Tester

With an increasing number of cables being sold, it becomes a little difficult to distinguish between fakes and originals. Although with some it is quite easy, there are other cables that resemble the original cable. To save you from those, this tester can be used. This tester shows you whether you are using a good cable or a bad one. It measures the electric current, voltage, and power of the cable.

OWC 12 Port Thunderbolt 2 Dock

If you want multiple ports in your laptop, this is what you must get right away. In a single cable, you can get many ports. There are several USB ports that you can gain if you want to connect to more than one USB port. There are Ethernet and HDMI ports as well. There are other ports for FireWire along with audio input and output jacks available. Apart from these, you also get an additional Thunderbolt port.

These MacBook laptop accessories don’t cost a fortune so you don’t have to worry about shelling a lot of money. Additionally, you should purchase the accessories as per your requirement. There are other laptop accessories that could be useful for your Mac. These include hard shell cover, wireless mouse, dual drives, and USB hubs. Check them out and change the way you use your Macbook forever.

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