3 tablets that are ideal for seniors

Tablets combine the efficiency and features of a smartphone but offer a bigger screen, better viewing experience, and enhanced storage capacity. These gadgets have become the go-to devices for enhancing productivity and daily entertainment. Older adults prefer tablets to phones as the former comes with several smart apps and hardware upgrades designed to offer better accessibility and ease of use. So, here are the top three tablets that are ideal for seniors:

Basic yet effective, the GrandPad is one of the top tablets that seniors can use for entertainment, general use, and also to stay connected with their families. The learning curve is not too steep for older adults who might struggle with modern technology. The tablet is designed for functional and efficient use owing to its large display and buttons and easy-to-navigate interface. It also comes preloaded with a variety of senior-friendly apps for games and entertainment. Essentials include dedicated calling assists and a simple video calling option. Opting for the premium GrandPad subscription provides users with the private family network feature. This enables family members to post pictures, share news, update contacts, and even manage the profiles of seniors on the tablet. GrandPad’s exclusive annual subscription starts at $65/month, which includes hardware and a free second charger along with free shipping and setup. Without a subscription, the tablet only costs $150.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Powered by the latest Android 11 platform, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is one of the most affordable tablets one can get for seniors. At just over $130, the A7 comes with an Octa Core processor supported by 3GB of RAM. Its 7,040 mAh battery provides exceptional backup for a good 10-hour usage. Most importantly, its functional design, slim body, and simple user interface make it the perfect digital companion for seniors who are somewhat tech savvy. The big display and control buttons additionally allow seniors to navigate and operate with ease. Samsung also introduced a unique easy mode that enlarges the home screen layout for better visibility and accessibility. In addition, seniors can enable the Bixby voice assistant and make the most out of preinstalled voice commands. At 13 ounces, it is a lightweight smart gadget one can use for long periods.

Apple iPad Mini
Apple lovers can certainly check out the iPad mini for long-term use. Although it is not specifically designed for seniors, the iPad Mini boasts an array of features that makes it ideal for the elderly. For example, the liquid retina display comes with a high pixel density that enhances visibility for seniors with weaker eyesight. Apple’s Health App subscription allows seniors to keep their ID card handy on the tab in case of emergencies. The iPad can also be used with a sim card, so users don’t have to rely on Wi-Fi. Apple products are also built to be durable, so the iPad mini can certainly survive a few bumps and dings if dropped. Moreover, the iPad is well known for its accessibility features that allow seniors to increase text size, button size, and display size for a comfortable viewing experience. Other features like Siri Voice assistance and shortcuts, along with pre-programmed commands and applications, make it easier to use the iPad mini. However, at $410, the apple iPad mini is certainly an expensive tablet. 

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