Importance of senior cell phones

Senior cell phones have made life and communicating easier for seniors. Somehow seniors are apprehensive about learning new technology or using smartphones. Senior cell phones are made and designed for such people so that they are easy to use and manage.

One of the biggest criteria for selecting a senior phone is the features and ease of using it. These senior cell phones are not fancy or imbibed with latest technologies, but very simple and useful. One of the basic and important reasons seniors need cell phones is to stay in touch. Gone are the days when landlines and telephones were used. Seniors find it hard to connect to smartphones because of their constantly changing technologies and confusing and tiny buttons.

Cell phones for seniors are handy and seniors need it in case of an emergency or for some help in finding their way. Wireless carriers have launched cell phones and plans which are suitable for their lifestyle. Jitterbug, a Samsung product, is very compatible and one of the most preferred cell phones for seniors.

So what makes senior cell phones so different?

Senior cell phones are not like any other normal cell phone. As they are constructed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of elders and seniors, they are sturdy, reliable, and come with minimum features.

Features that make senior cell phones special are:

  • Bright screens that allow for proper viewing.
  • Large buttons for easy dialing.
  • Louder sounds for easy hearing.
  • Call direct features like one-touch dialing.

Jitterbug is a great device that works best for seniors. Other wireless carriers have followed the suit and have made their version of cell phones for seniors.All senior cell phones come with accessories like:

  • Hands-free devices
  • Battery charger
  • Phone case
  • Belt clip.

Senior cell phone plans are also flexible. In case any senior wants to opt for talking plan or data plan, then they have the option to do that. Senior cell phone plans eliminates monthly cost, contract charges, roaming fees and over minutes charges

Prepaid plans work out for seniors who want to monitor their usage and want control over their data used.

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