4 popular online data management courses

With all strategic decision-making processes revolving around data, the importance of data management cannot be a low priority. Today, the performance of a business relies heavily on how organizations collect and store critical data. This has made it imperative for all organizations to have data management experts. These experts need to have functional as well as technical knowledge of data management. If you are keen on being a part of this exciting field, you can start by undertaking data management courses.

If you are a working professional who wants to change their career track and move to data management domain, you can enroll in online data management courses that are available as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on many websites such as Udemy, Coursera, and so on. Or if you are already working in the data management domain and want to make further head way in this field, you can do certifications of advanced data management courses. These courses require that you have an elementary knowledge of programming languages and computer science. Here are 4 online data management courses for beginners as well as advanced learners:

  1. Data Management from MIT: This online course on data management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been designed by the MIT Data Management Group. This course gives an introduction to research data management and data sharing and storage. The course covers basics such as file structure and naming and also hot to use metadata.
  2. Data Analytics Certification from Cornell University: This is a bundle of three courses: Understanding and visualizing data, Implementing Scientific Decision Making, and Using Predictive Data Analysis. On completion of this course, a person acquires the necessary skills to analyze and examine data.
  3. SQL Master Class for Data Analysis: This course covers functional as well technical aspects of data management. It covers SQL basics and coding along with data analysis. Available on Udemy, this course will help you make data-driven decisions and understand how to use SQL for quantitative analysis.
  4. Learn SAS And Become a Data Ninja: SAS is a suite of software that enables organizations or data experts to analyze and manage data to have an effective decision-making process in place. This course covers the technical aspects of SAS and also the application and implementation of SAS to do a statistical analysis of data.
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