Volvo XC90, where class meets perfection

There is so much demand for perfection in the luxury car market, that car makers are putting customer priority on a pedestal.

Costing $46,900 MSRP, the Volvo XC90 is a 7-seater, luxury car variant from the Volvo Car Corporation.


When it comes to features, the Volvo XC90 ticks all the right boxes. Features are divided into safety, interiors, exteriors, and performance.


  • Driving a car comes with a lot of responsibilities for both the driver and passengers. The Volvo XC90 features active blending lights, which can bend to illuminate the curves ahead with LED lights.
  • Airbags constitute an important element in safeguarding the driver and the passenger in case of a collision.
  • Driving in a busy city can be stressful. To eliminate any risk of low-speed collisions, the city safety mode gets activated from 2.5mph. This feature automatically applies the brakes especially in a stop and go traffic.
  • Driver Alert Control is an important feature which is really helpful especially for night driving. The Driver Alert Control keeps a check on the steering input and driving conditions like rash or erratic driving. It can sense and gives an audible voice message to alert the driver.


  • Speaking of interiors, the Volvo XC90 has a 3-spoke steering wheel which is covered with hand-stitched luxury material.
  • An adjustable 7-seater gives ample leg room to maximize comfort and minimize inconvenience.
  • 12 channel amplifier and 1,400-watt output to give a surround sound effect by Bowers & Wilkins.
  • Touchscreen 4 zone electronic climate control. The air conditioning also extends to the glove compartment to keep beverages cold.
  • Second row rear seat can be folded with just a touch to make room for loading.
  • Heated front seats.


  • 18-inch 5 spoke silver alloy wheels.
  • Dark tinted rear windows to cut the glare and keep the interior pleasant.
  • Heated windshield to prevent the nozzles from freezing in winters.
  • Power retractable exterior mirrors to prevent the door mirrors from getting damaged while parking or in a car wash.


  • Packed with 250 hp and a 258 lb. ft. torque turbocharged 8-speed engine enhances power and stability.
  • Low engine weight maintains the balance on roads with curve or winds.
  • 3-level driver adjustable power steering helps to adjust the steering depending on the speed of the car.
  • 4-Drive mode setting adjusts the steering as per the driving conditions. Choose from comfort, eco, dynamic, and off-road mode to customize your drive mode.
  • Unique start/stop technology contributes in keeping the fuel efficiency maximum and exhaust emission to the minimum.

Be a part of an exciting new thrilling journey filled with innovative technology and design. When you desire for nothing else but perfection, drive the Volvo XC90. It will not disappoint you!

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