The Ford Explorer as a suitable SUV

Owning an SUV is an advantage when, as a driver, you are looking for viable options that combine both daily commute and terrain driving. The Ford Explorer is a popular SUV choice due to its various trim options available for driver needs. Although the latest Ford explorer has not undergone any significant changes, the powerful engine, durability, and off-roading capability of the SUV have been well rated by both owner and expert review. Some of the main reasons why the Ford Explorer would be a perfect SUV choice are:

  1. Ability to handle all weather. The Ford Explorer which has both four-wheel and all-wheel drive based on buyer’s choice will provide ease of handling on tricky roads when weather conditions are bad, and the sturdy weight of the SUV contributes positively towards good performance in such tricky climates.
  2. Versatility is a main feature of the Ford Explorer, and the cargo space is not only ample but provides extra leg room for the third-row seat through the adjustability feature. The second row also has the sliding option for adjusting space depending on the third-row occupancy.
  3. The Ford Explorer has been rated top for safety in various crash tests. The SUV has not only clear visibility but also equally efficient handling to make the drive comfortable, smooth, and safe. Being seated higher helps to get a better view of the road and maneuver easily through traffic.
  4. While an SUV can hold up to 5 people comfortably, the Ford Explorer offers the third-row seat making it easy to accommodate up to 9 people, and also provide ample leg room through the space interior with additional cargo space.
  5. Towing is an important feature in SUVs, and the Ford Explorer offers average towing or hauling with its powerful engine and sturdy build.

The Ford Explorer is an apt choice for those who live in places for bad weather condition or for those who would like to do off-roading adventures. The Ford Explorer is a popular choice due to its resourcefulness and driving capabilities.

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