Roadside assistance for motorcycles

Roadside assistance is as essential for motorcycles as it is for cars. Whether or not your bike is your daily mode of transport or whether or not you use it extensively or even if it is just one of the many vehicles that someone in the family or you use, it would be wise to buy roadside assistance for your motorcycle. Here’s what you need to lookout for before you invest in one:

  • Emergency toll-free number:
    Roadside assistance should come with a toll-free number that you can call at any time of the day, no matter where you are.
  • 24×7 emergency towing service:
    A good roadside assistance should also include a towing service in case your motorcycle has been mechanically disabled.
  • JumpStart assistance: A great motorcycle roadside assistance service should also offer to jump start your battery in case your battery is drained or simply needs a boost. This is extremely helpful in case one is stranded somewhere.
  • Flat tire assistance and repair:
    Flat tires are the most common problem one will face with vehicles, let alone motorcycles. Road side assistances should also include helping you to replace a flat tire so that you are back on track within no time.
  • Lost keys:
    A good roadside assistance program should also be able to facilitate you with a temporary key in case you lose yours.
  • Water/Fluid/Oil change:
    Roadside assistance should also be able to offer fuel delivery; in case you are stranded because you have run out of fuel. The technician should ideally bring up to three gallons of fuel free of charge. It should also include free delivery of water, oil or any other fluids your bike might need. This emergency help is one of the basic services that a good roadside assistance service provides.
  • Personal assistance:
    A good roadside assistance service and cover will also offer personal services like sending a message to a loved one or even accepting messages for you. Besides this, it should also offer to help put you up in a hotel or find car rental services, just in case the repairs take more than a day and you need to find a place to crash for the night.
  • Trip, GPS and routing services:
    One could easily get lost on the road or lose sense of direction. Apart from providing the above services, a good motorcycle roadside assistance should also be able to help you reach your destination safely and effectively by giving you turn by turn directions.

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