A brief overview of truck rentals

Truck rentals are becoming popular day-by-day. A truck rental company provides the customer the required trucks while the customer picks up the truck from the company’s station, packs his belongings in the truck, drives it to wherever he wants to, unloads the truck and leaves it in the nearest parking place. The agency picks it up from the parking lot. The user has the advantage that he pays only for renting the truck and the fuel, and not the manpower for the packing, loading and unloading, unpacking etc.

It may be interesting to know that there is a company called U-Haul Truck Rentals. The company is a pioneer in this field and their trucks are ubiquitous on all roads. It is so popular that the company name became a generic name for the entire industry. The basic operational philosophy is similar to the warehouse club. U-Haul truck rentals happen to be the most popular ones across the US.

There are companies who take pride in giving customized service. Most of the players have an assortment of vehicles of various capacities starting from 3-4 tons to 26 footers, separately equipped for commercial uses. Most of the companies compete for the services and rates and the free components like wayside breakdown services and so on. Rentals are available for point to point, day long and even monthly. Some offer free pickup of used trucks. There is segment which specializes in long distance intercity moving. They claim that they take pains to maintain their vehicles in good repair and fuel consumption is minimum. Their drivers will drive you to your destination giving you the luxury of converting an arduous job into a vacation. You do not have to worry about fuel stations and fuel filling and all that.

Some others offer to send to you a bigger truck and charge only for the running foot of occupied space so that you do not have any last minute hassle of shortage of space. These services are one way service. There is another innovative offer of free mileage. The industry norm is to charge mileage beyond certain limit. This offer is that the additional mileage is not charged on on-way haulage anywhere in the US. Some offer a 10% discount for online booking.

Competition breeds innovation. Competition is often cut throat and offers should not be taken at face value. The downside could be that you might end up paying more than the estimated amount. One major cause for this is high fuel consumption. Vehicles are often ill maintained and break down on the way, causing delays and inconvenience. It is always prudent to do the homework and read user reviews.

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