White Ice appliances for a well-functioning and good looking home

The home is the space where we like to be at our comfortable best. In fact, this is where we should be able to accomplish our tasks with ease. There is a number and variety of things that we use in the house to make life easy. Similarly, there are many brands and companies in the market that cater to such needs. The main thing to do is to check each and every brand along with the features of the various appliances so that we find the right fit in terms of the features that we need and the prices that will sit well with us. At the same time, it is also important to look at the designs of these appliances so that you get your preferred color combination that will suit your surroundings the most.

Among many brands, White Ice appliances is one such collection in bright and pristine white that gives you the most versatile features with the most reasonable prices. Also, you can opt for designer pieces for an elegant look. Let’s have a look at the various appliances from this collection.

Electric Range
The White Ice range is one that offers a subdued look in an elegant, neutral-hued kitchen, while it can also help your space play monochrome dress up when paired with darker colors like sleek black. This is one of the best colors for the range because it can help you in pairing with any color for the counters and cabinets. Also, since the range is set in the center of the kitchen, you would do well to choose a piece that will not create a jarring contrast in any way. The electric range is also the one where all the cooking mostly happens when we are not using the microwave and other appliances.

Over the Range Microwave
The latest trend in kitchen design includes setting the microwave right above the stove and cooking range so that you have all your main appliances in one neat line. In order to keep this space from looking overly cluttered, it would be a good idea to choose pieces in a soothing white ice tone so that the appliances do not overwhelm you when clubbed together on a single wall or space. The over-the-range microwave should be chosen in keeping with the latest sensory control technology and other such features so that it complements all your cooking needs.

French Door Refrigerator
The modern kitchen is now incomplete without the installation of a double door or French door refrigerator that opens like a large wardrobe. This usually has pull-out drawers at the bottom to stow away the frozen items. Also, the white ice finish for such appliances ensures that the kitchen looks large even after installing such large pieces.

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