What kinds of kitchen appliances are offered by Pacific Sales

Are you looking for some fantastic kitchen appliances? Then you should check out Pacific Sales who offer you with the best product collections and top kitchen brands. Apart from facilitating the sale of some excellent kitchen appliances, Pacific Sales also ensure the smooth delivery of the products with the help of a professional staff. You will also get a chance to land some of the best bargains on the products during holidays and season end sales.

Here are some of the popular kitchen products sold by Pacific Sales which you can consider purchasing on your next shopping spree for home.

  • Microwaves Pacific sales offer microwaves which are stylish yet highly functional. You can explore variety like countertop, built-in, over-the-range and drawer microwaves which are tailored according to specific interior needs.
  • Dishwashers Pacific Sales appliances offer a beautiful selection of dishwashers which are packed with amazing features like energy efficiency, child lock, steam cleaning, etc. You can find both built-in and portable variants of modern dishwasher brands along with various accessories.
  • Refrigerators You can get an assortment refrigerators types offered by the Pacific Sales appliances. French door, built-in, side-by-side door, freezer-less, compact, under-counter, top freezer and bottom freezer refrigerators are the types which are available. These include a diverse combination of characteristics such as energy saving, adequate storage space, ease of use, etc. You can pick one for you or your family according to the priorities and budget.
  • Cooking appliances Whether you are looking for a kitchen range, wall ovens or cooktops, Pacific Sales has got it all covered. They have an extensive collection of gas, electric, professional and dual-fuel kitchen ranges. When it comes to cooktops, you can find variants like induction, gas and electric. The wall ovens, on the other hand, come in sizes like single and double. They even offer range hoods, back guards, oven kits, filters, blowers, and cords and parts to make your shopping experience wholesome.
  • Freezers and ice makers If you require storing a lot of food at once, then it is a good idea to invest in a freezer. Pacific Sales offer chest freezer (for large spaces) and upright freezer (for limited spaces). You can also find icemakers and its related accessories.

Apart from the above-mentioned major kitchen appliances, Pacific Sales also deal with products like beverage coolers, dispensers, coffee makers, wine coolers, trash compactors, and garbage disposals. Most Pacific Sales appliances are available in colors such as black or white or are made of stainless steel materials to complement your existing kitchen appliances.

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