Things from the 90s that are making a comeback

Growing up in the 90s without all of the today’s technology was a time every 90s kid misses. The simplicity of technology, toys, gadgets, music systems, clothing styles, etc. are some of the most cherished memories of the 80s and 90s. However, the best part about trends is that they always come back after years! The fashion and entertainment industry has realized that some ‘old school’ trends are really not that old, and when revamped well, can be a total hit again! Here are a few trends from the past that are gradually making a comeback.

  • Flip cell phones
    The joy of cancelling a call or shutting the phone after an angry mobile conversation was the most satisfactory thing about slide mobile phones. Apart from being the coolest gadget to have on the block, these were the handiest cell phones which protected the screen from scratches and keypad from punctures. Cell phone companies have finally realized how durable slide mobile phones and flip cell phones are and have now started to push these into the market again. The new flip cell phones are updated with the latest technology and user interface to be at par with the current smartphone trend. These are also a more affordable option if you are looking for a cell phone on a budget.
  • Cassettes
    A lot of music artists these days have started to go ‘old school’ and have started releasing their music on cassettes along with with CDs and Apple music! This means that the old school cassette players are also going to be making a comeback. If we’ve learnt anything from the 90s, it’s that trends catch on like wild fire. Let’s face it, cassette players were super fun growing up and our parents still have their old music collection on these cassettes. Let’s not forget how durable these are as compared to CDs which stop working properly after a few scratches on the disc!
  • FM radio systems
    Most of the smart phones these days don’t have an inbuilt FM radio system which means you need to download an app to just listen to something as basic as radio! With the advancements in technology, FM radio sets have become a thing of the past and have started to get replaced with fancy sound systems for the house. However, electronic companies have realized that FM radio systems are some of the most basic devices/gadgets that are used by households especially grandparents who are not well versed with smart phones. FM radio systems have finally come back looking classier than ever and as affordable as they were in the 90s!
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